Definition of all-around in English:


(British all-round)


  • 1Having many uses or abilities; versatile.

    ‘an all-around artist’
    • ‘Voters generally considered a player's all-around abilities, as evidenced by the poor showing of several of the game's great power hitters.’
    • ‘The benefit for the Yankees is obvious: They now have the only all-around superstar in baseball under the age of 30.’
    • ‘Criteria for election to the Hall of Fame certainly should include a candidate's all-around ability on offense and defense, as well as his consistent contributions to winning games for his team.’
    • ‘Of all the potentially realistic trade candidates for the Yankees, Spivey appears to be the best all-around talent.’
    • ‘In short, he needs to get back to the versatile, all-around player he was in November.’
    • ‘He was a great ventriloquist - maybe the best ever - but he was also a great all-around entertainer and inventor.’
    • ‘Still, fellow players generally share the opinion that his all-around ability is the most under-valued by fans.’
    • ‘Now that he was bound to a wheelchair, he may have lost the opportunity of doing something big as an all-around athlete, but knowing him well, I was sure that his handicap would not stop him from pursuing his future goals.’
    • ‘Instead, girls feel like they have to be all-around superstars.’
    • ‘Few would dispute that when healthy the Twins' Mauer was the best all-around rookie catcher of 2004, but he missed most of the season with injury and several other newcomers saw far more action.’
    • ‘We took a major exam that only tested us on our all-around ability, and I usually take those tests seriously.’
    • ‘The following night highlighted the top individuals in the state, and the Bluejackets were represented by all-arounds Jaloszynski and Evenson, along with single event competitors Gotfredson and Rooney (beam).’
    • ‘Ewing was perhaps the best catcher of the 19th century with his all-around ability.’
    • ‘I think he was the best all-around newsman there has ever been.’
    • ‘She recalled her son as an all-around athlete who represented the firefighters of New York in skiing and volleyball and hockey competitions.’
    • ‘While some rappers just make songs, Redman's history proves that he is an all-around multi-talented hip-hop artist.’
    • ‘He was one of the leading hitters in the league last year, but people fail to recognize his all-around playing abilities.’
    • ‘His versatility in scoring and all-around offensive game make him perfect in that role.’
    • ‘Peralta was considered the circuit's best all-around rider.’
    • ‘An all-around horseman, Bode has taken quite a few hard knocks, numerous jobs, spent many hours in the saddle, and many years to attain his level of experience.’
    adaptable, flexible, all-round, multifaceted, multitalented, multiskilled, many-sided, resourceful, protean
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    1. 1.1In many or all respects.
      ‘his all-around excellence’
      • ‘Then, three years later, came Romantica, a sweet, hook-filled and all-around excellent record that happened to be their best yet.’
      • ‘Mystery fans will certainly want to lasso themselves a copy of this all-around excellent series, but they should be aware of what they're getting, and this set is not even near as complete as it should be.’
      • ‘Just because I get mad at somebody for doing something stupid doesn't mean I think they're all-around idiots.’
      • ‘It also allows musicians, artists and all-around bohemians to live in the Market's many above-store apartments.’
      • ‘This is an all-around excellent game that confidently challenges, head-on, all the other WWII-themed shooters out there and comes out on top.’
      • ‘In particular, the very talented cast does an all-around excellent job in keeping the human element in the foreground.’
      • ‘Here it is: the same arrogance, the same malice toward the photographer, the same all-around creepiness.’
      • ‘The Hunt for Red October is an all-around excellent film, filled with a great script, a beautiful ensemble set of quality actors, and smart direction.’
      • ‘Overall, song choice was better, vocals were stronger, and the performances were all-around more powerful.’
      • ‘Charming and successful, such a man considers himself a good boyfriend, excellent lover and all-around nice guy.’


  • A gymnastic event in which the scores of each individual exercise are totaled to determine the winner.

    • ‘Carly Patterson won the gold medal in the all-around competition.’
    • ‘Again, the top eight in each event and top four all-arounds move up to the next level.’
    • ‘In world championship all-arounds, he was 15th in ‘74, 12th in ‘78 and 18th in ‘79.’
    • ‘Six teams have qualified in each of the six regions in addition to five all-arounds not on a qualifying team and four individual event specialists from non-qualifying schools.’
    • ‘She not only won that all-around, but went on to win the next 4 all-arounds in which she was entered, and 6 out of the 8 total all-arounds in which she participated during the season.’