Definition of alive and well in US English:

alive and well


  • Still existing or active (often used to deny rumors or beliefs that something has disappeared or declined)

    ‘Jefferson's ideas are alive and well today in Washington’
    • ‘This case clearly demonstrates that the legal fiction is alive and well today.’
    • ‘I would like to think that that spirit is still alive and well in the company today.’
    • ‘He may have disappeared from British politics, but the former Prime Minister is alive and well and ruling Australia.’
    • ‘The trend from the extreme left to extreme right, so obvious today, was alive and well then.’
    • ‘Apparently the law of unintended consequences is alive and well in the pawn industry.’
    • ‘It's nice to know that street entertainment is alive and well in York.’
    • ‘It is alive and well in today's Glasgow via the services of the Catholic Church.’
    • ‘But her family in Bonnybridge confirmed last week that she was alive and well.’
    • ‘Contrary to popular belief, the commercial sex scene is alive and well in Singapore.’
    • ‘Missing student Vicky Stephenson was today found alive and well in Dublin.’
    • ‘Police called off an intensive search after a woman missing from Warminster was found alive and well in Somerset.’
    • ‘Heritage in Abbeyleix is alive and well and Abbeyleix Heritage House is now in a safe pair of hands.’
    • ‘Calgary's first beer festival is not only alive and well, but getting bigger and better.’
    • ‘After almost disappearing from the linguistic map, Galician is now alive and well.’
    • ‘It is encouraging to see that Saskatchewan's progressive tradition is alive and well.’
    • ‘Is this something I could live without and still remain alive and well?’
    • ‘But in one of the few good news stories to emerge from the tragedy, the couple were later found to be alive and well.’
    • ‘Forget the market reaction to the interim banking profits so far, the industry is alive and well.’
    • ‘The sex industry is alive and well, and nothing anyone has done has managed to change that.’
    • ‘Democracy is alive and well in Canada as thousands were able to express their opposition to this policy.’