Definition of alimentary in US English:



  • Relating to nourishment or sustenance.

    • ‘Mammalian examples are the intertwining of the alimentary and digestive systems or the reproductive and excretory systems, which often require medical intervention.’
    • ‘Delirium and dementia may arise from brain metastases, which usually originate from lung cancer but also from tumours of the breast and alimentary tract and melanomas.’
    • ‘Indeed, the visitors enact the alimentary behavior of the oasis dwellers, but in so doing, they experience their own civilized difference from and advantage over the ‘natives.’’
    • ‘This eroded appearance might be due to a period of exposure before burial; alternatively, it might have been produced by passage through the alimentary tract of some predator or scavenger.’
    • ‘You may be sure that, given David's recent alimentary travails, I shall be examining whatever he gives me next with especial care.’
    • ‘They are based on the idea that enzymes are able to pass through alimentary tract without losing their natural activity.’
    • ‘One of the most important considerations in an adult presenting with a lump in the neck is that the mass may represent a metastatic deposit from a primary cancer, often but not always in the upper respiratory or alimentary tract.’
    • ‘Though these organisms may also be found as normal flora of alimentary tract, data supporting this contention are lacking.’
    • ‘The plate section at the end contains illustrations of the alimentary, cardiovascular, respiratory, lymphatic, musculoskeletal, nervous, endocrine, and urogenital systems.’
    • ‘Serositis was always accompanied by moderate-to-severe infection of the alimentary tract, and morphologic evidence suggested dissemination through efferent lymphatics.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the ubiquitous plesiomorphic fish alimentary tract with an acidic stomach and relatively short intestine is adequate for the digestion of algae.’
    • ‘Total parenteral nutrition is a preparation of nutrients given via intravenous infusion to patients, of any age, who cannot feed normally through the alimentary tract.’
    • ‘Other cancers which have been reported include those from the alimentary tract.’
    • ‘Similarly, at the upper end of the alimentary tract, rigid instruments were used for the examination of the oesophagus and for the stomach.’
    • ‘While some of these patients may require parenteral nutrition, use of the alimentary tract with tube feeding is cheaper and has less adverse effects.’
    • ‘Among the alimentary tract lesions for which HIV may play a direct pathogenic role are idiopathic ulcers of the esophagus and rectum.’
    • ‘A foregut-fermenting alimentary system independently originated in these organisms to facilitate the digestion of the cellulose-rich food.’
    • ‘The main sections include basic tissues and cell biology, protective organ systems of the body, blood circulatory organ systems, alimentary organ systems, endocrine organ systems, and reproductive organ systems.’
    • ‘Some researchers believe antibiotics should be administered when a procedure involves entering the alimentary tract, and others believe this is not necessary.’
    • ‘Their work is so thorough that in the areas in which they live almost all the soil to a depth of many centimetres has passed through the alimentary tract of an earthworm at some time.’
    healthy, health-giving, healthful, good, good for one, beneficial, sustaining, strengthening, nutritious, nourishing, full of nourishment, full of nutrients, nutritive, unrefined
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Late 16th century: from Latin alimentarius, from alimentum ‘nourishment’ (see aliment).