Definition of align in US English:



  • 1with object Place or arrange (things) in a straight line.

    ‘gently brush the surface to align the fibers’
    • ‘He withdrew a scraping tool from his desk, and carefully aligned it with the lines of the ledger around that entry and then proceeded to scrape off the writing and lines in that entry.’
    • ‘These layers are aligned with latitude lines, due to Saturn's east-west winds.’
    • ‘With right sides together and centers matching, align the creased line of a short flange with one short side of the rectangle.’
    • ‘That's the instant the sun is aligned with the degree line of longitude, or the prime meridian - also called the Greenwich Meridian.’
    • ‘Indeed, octopuses are frequently observed to exert force on objects with their arms aligned parallel to the line of force.’
    • ‘Once the stem is aligned straight, the rib allows the stem to be moved up and down and stay in alignment, unless you twist it.’
    • ‘Most of the side chains in this arrangement are not aligned (pathways along the vertical lines in Fig.5).’
    • ‘But then I added the tail and line anchor loops, aligned it, balanced it and it was ready to fly.’
    • ‘The Morgan typically shuttles this material some 75 to 100 metres to the chipper, swinging the drags so the logs are aligned straight into the chipper infeed.’
    • ‘Extend your right arm straight down and align it with your shoulder, palm facing inward.’
    • ‘Hold the compass in your hand; turn yourself, your hand, the entire compass until the compass needle is aligned with the lines inside the compass housing.’
    • ‘All dipoles are aligned along the force lines of external voltage.’
    • ‘A plurality of such lines are aligned in a second direction, which is orthogonal to the first direction, to form a display screen.’
    • ‘He aligned himself straight down and put his arms to his side.’
    • ‘Hold the club out in front of you, chest high, before you hit every shot, and make sure the clubface is aligned straight up and down.’
    • ‘Select two fabric strips, lay one over the other at one end and pin them to the center back line, aligning the strip ends with the base fabric upper edge.’
    • ‘For each strip place the ruler on the straight end, aligning the desired measure with the edge.’
    • ‘Measure and cut each runner so that the slots are aligned with line AB.’
    • ‘Lay the shade on a flat surface with the lining side up, and mark the placement for the plastic rings along the dowel casing lines, aligning them with the screw eyes in the mounting board.’
    • ‘Involuntarily, she stepped in, biting the inside of her cheek apprehensively and casting her eyes over the rows of neatly aligned desks in the room.’
    line up, range, arrange in line, put in order, put in columns, put in rows, straighten, straighten up
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    1. 1.1 Put (things) into correct or appropriate relative positions.
      ‘the fan blades are carefully aligned’
      figurative ‘aligning domestic prices with prices in world markets’
      • ‘We aligned data relative to menstruation to standardize across ovulatory and anovulatory cycles.’
      • ‘How do you move them from one point to the other, without going through that point that characterizes that mind - correcting it and aligning it, to conform to the overall Classical understanding?’
      • ‘Stories like this have nothing to do with political correctness and to align the two is lazy thinking and lazy writing.’
      • ‘The colossal warships aligned themselves to their correct vectors.’
      • ‘Critics often cite the potential for these funds to trade at a share price that is not aligned with the value of the underlying securities.’
      • ‘The removal of quantitative restrictions has meant that domestic prices have become aligned with international prices, the only wedge between them being driven by the import duty.’
      • ‘Spokeswoman Tanya Harrington said companies had already set their budgets a year ago and are not in a position to align them this late in the fiscal year.’
      • ‘The reserves allow the central bank to push forth towards aligning the domestic monetary policy with the international best practice norms, albeit incrementally.’
      • ‘Sources suggest that Streak's reconciliation also paves the way for the return of two men who were closely aligned with Streak's position.’
      • ‘The Government made clear that its overriding objective was to reduce the burdens on industry by aligning domestic law with Community law.’
      • ‘The gathering opened Monday with a meeting of Asian ministers to align positions ahead of a dinner with European ministers later Monday.’
      • ‘Most mutual-fund companies offer index funds, so review their fees and ensure that they are aligned with an appropriate benchmark.’
      • ‘Only unambiguously aligned positions were considered in phylogenetic analyses.’
      • ‘The removal of ambiguously aligned positions left 269 sites shared between all four protein families.’
      • ‘How can we tell if we've aligned the two rings correctly?’
      • ‘Work is proceeding in areas in relation to aligning this tax with provisional tax payments, and on a number of other moves to simplify taxation for small business.’
      • ‘Sequences of A. thaliana and A. lyrata populations were aligned and visually corrected.’
      • ‘All this notwithstanding, the proposed Department is a positive move to align national form and function.’
      • ‘Sequences are aligned relative to the complete sequence.’
      • ‘It's a special patch that encourages regeneration of bone matter and aligns it correctly too so we don't need to make a cast.’
      place, position, put, dispose, situate, set
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    2. 1.2no object Lie in a straight line, or in correct relative positions.
      ‘the pattern of the border at the seam should align perfectly’
      • ‘As the rectangular roof plane folds over the triangular plan, it falls almost to the vertical and aligns in true elevation with the inclination of the road behind.’
      • ‘Our allies may not agree with why we went to war; NATO's strategic objectives may not align perfectly with America's objectives for Iraq.’
      • ‘Glue the two lining boards to the insides of the covers, centering the lining boards vertically and aligning to the score line.’
      • ‘Whether you attach the new section of corner bead with nails or screws, be sure its edges align perfectly with the existing bead.’
      • ‘When the moon's orbit aligns just perfectly with Jupiter's stormy eye and an entire mountainside is lush with four leaf clovers, something really easy slides across your desk.’
      • ‘Tomorrow's Manhattan sunset will align perfectly with the grid.’
      • ‘Be sure the garment and lining construction seams align to prevent lining seams from showing through the garment body.’
      • ‘Also all shirt patterns should align perfectly where the pocket is sewn.’
      • ‘In the same way that psychographic and demographic segments don't perfectly align, we should not expect designographic segments to fit neatly into established categories.’
      • ‘Rarely do the planets align so perfectly for an unemployed coach.’
      • ‘The red vinyl seats around the reflective circular tables and the barstools aligned perfectly with the curved counter top.’
      • ‘On this rear elevation, you can also see the repetition of the glass block pattern, which now fully frames a perfectly square window that aligns with the front door on the other side of the house.’
      • ‘While this segregation did not align perfectly with response to soil drying, most of the tolerant lines had low leaf ureide concentration.’
      • ‘For example, ISC and RTA age categories do not align perfectly, and the time periods covered by the data sets do not completely coincide.’
      • ‘‘If all the planets were to align perfectly with each one as close as possible to the Earth, their gravity would raise the ocean tides by just one 25th of a millimetre,’ the agency said.’
      • ‘Even if the organization of information out there perfectly aligns with our needs we still need to keep something locally in order to remember to use this information.’
      • ‘Here is my first test-fitting of the front panel - the buttons align perfectly!’
      • ‘This means they are locked into one frame with one barrel and the pilot holes are drilled into the cylinder to perfectly align with that particular barrel and frame.’
      • ‘It's best to use a gridded rotary cutting mat and ruler from the same manufacturer to be sure the calibrations will align perfectly.’
      • ‘He had wrapped the ends of the arrows with green cloth and strips of leather, and trimmed the feathers so that they aligned perfectly.’
  • 2align oneself withGive support to (a person, organization, or cause)

    ‘newspapers usually align themselves with certain political parties’
    • ‘The truthteller only enters politics when he aligns himself with political or interest groups.’
    • ‘Veterans from any war have minds, have experiences, have opinions and align themselves with one political ideology or another.’
    • ‘Terry Castle aligns herself with the British women who have written memorably about the war years, but does not offer evidence that other women from the US might be similarly interested.’
    • ‘You are in fact aligning yourself with a group of people who think socialism is a good thing.’
    • ‘Prof. Torrance aligns himself with Athanasius and the Nicene fathers in holding that the divine identity and one human personality are irreducibly bound together.’
    • ‘He aligns himself with such figures as John Shelby Spong, Don Cupitt and Lloyd Geering.’
    • ‘As individual members, time and opportunity are right for each of us to align ourselves with a public or private conservation organization and pitch in.’
    • ‘For his part, the Labour leader took every available opportunity to align himself with the Prime Minister's appeals to patriotism.’
    • ‘Their policy is to align themselves with powerful moneyed forces to tilt the playing field in their favor and let everybody else fend for themselves.’
    • ‘So all these people you're aligning yourself with, it's not good.’
    • ‘That gives you about four full days to decide who you will align yourself with.’
    • ‘No other chamber comes anywhere near that, but our strategy is to align ourselves with all other organisations, as long as they also believe in what we are trying to do.’
    • ‘He thus aligns himself with people who appear to think that we're interrogating the detainees for no reason other than sadism.’
    • ‘Likewise, they aligned themselves with the same ideology that also supported negative gender attacks against Carson.’
    • ‘Davis exaggerates even when he need not and so risks damaging the cause he's temporarily aligned himself with.’
    • ‘It aligns us with the position outlined by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission in Australia.’
    • ‘Even Britain, which of all the major powers has most closely aligned itself with them, is balking at giving its support to the abandonment of the treaty.’
    • ‘Rightly or wrongly, it's also true that fans and politicians benefit from the success of high profile teams they align themselves with.’
    • ‘Everyone succeeds with a little help from others, and many of these scholars have been fortunate to align themselves with mentors who have encouraged and supported their innovative ideas.’
    • ‘It is no exaggeration, I think, to say that the future of the labour movement will be decided by the extent to which it aligns itself with the worldwide struggle against corporate rule.’
    join forces with, join up with, form an alliance with, ally with, align oneself with, link up with, go into league with, combine with, join fortunes with, make common cause with
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    1. 2.1no object Come together in agreement or alliance.
      ‘all of them must now align against the foe’
      ‘forces aligned with Russia’
      • ‘It occurs to me that the concept of an intricately organized network of terrorists is wishful thinking on the part of those forces aligned against them.’
      • ‘Powerful forces align against you; people who used to be your friends scream at you; people who once praised you tell you you're no damned good.’
      • ‘Network partners must align in such a way that the resulting partnership offers a unique value proposition to the consumer.’
      • ‘There are powerful forces aligned to prevent another doping scandal.’
      • ‘If anything, unions must align with other unions for support and political activity.’
      • ‘Muslims in Afghanistan aligned with the Northern Alliance were hoping for a particular parliamentary system.’
      • ‘Think of how destructive of confidence it has to be to tell the poor that, no matter how much they try, the forces aligned against them are just too strong for them to overcome.’
      • ‘He thinks of the forces aligned against him as a giant onion buried under the streets of the city.’
      • ‘Not surprisingly, Marquez was incensed - a reaction compounded by the feeling that forces were beginning to align against him.’
      • ‘The voting process was corrupted an Alliance organiser received several ballots from delegates aligned with the Alliance.’
      • ‘His supporters feel that their leader was forced into aligning with former foes in order to compete against the Opposition.’
      • ‘Well, it actually is looking more and more like the forces are aligning for there to be new elections within a week or two.’
      • ‘For pre-abolitionist periods historians must ask why a slave system would tend to disintegrate in the absence of strong political or cultural forces aligned against the institution.’
      • ‘In Japan, toymakers have aligned to sell together online, making it harder for retailers to single them out for punishment.’
      • ‘During the first attempt at reform, it initially seemed as if internal and external forces would align to compel the President to take real action.’
      • ‘The assassination of leading journalists and editors reflected the logic of attacks against all forces not directly aligned with the radicals.’
      • ‘If these thoughts are all aligned and working together, things get done.’
      • ‘As our heroes plan their midnight caper, unexplained forces are aligning around them.’
      • ‘I think it's perfectly aligned with the brand of the company.’
      • ‘It is wise for a prince not to align with a stronger force unless compelled to do so.’
      ally, affiliate, associate, join, side, sympathize, be in league, unite, combine, join up, join forces, form an alliance, team up, band together, cooperate, collaborate, throw in one's lot, make common cause
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Late 17th century: from French aligner, from à ligne ‘into line’.