Definition of alicyclic in US English:



  • Relating to or denoting organic compounds which combine cyclic structure with aliphatic properties, e.g. cyclohexane and other saturated cyclic hydrocarbons.

    Compare with aromatic
    • ‘Its solubility is very high in polar organic solvents as well as in benzene but it is only sparingly soluble in aliphatic or alicyclic organic solvents like hexane and cyclohexane.’
    • ‘An alicyclic compound is an organic compound that is both aliphatic and cyclic.’
    • ‘Among the 4800 constituents of tobacco smoke, researchers have identified more than 100 alkanes, 150 alkenes and 55 alicyclic hydrocarbons.’
    • ‘It is the intention of this book to provide an overview of the behaviour of alicyclic compounds in the depth required for an undergraduate chemistry course.’
    • ‘The alicyclic compounds have one or more rings.’


usually alicyclics
  • An alicyclic compound.

    • ‘In discussing the alkanes as a functional group, the terms aliphatic (for the acyclic alkane substituent) and alicyclic (for the cyclic alkane substituent) are used.’
    • ‘The characteristic that distinguishes benzene from the aliphatics and alicyclics, and that defines the aromatics, is the arrangement of electrons in the ring.’
    • ‘Further chapters describe useful methods for the synthesis of alicyclics by ring contraction, ring enlargement and transannular cyclization.’
    • ‘They are immiscible with many organic solvents, particularly linear hydrocarbons and alicyclics like cyclopentane.’
    • ‘The further separation yielded 12 fractions containing aliphatic and alicyclic, 24 containing aromatic and 1 containing nitrogen, sulphur and oxygen containing compounds (NSO fraction).’


Late 19th century: blend of aliphatic and cyclic.