Definition of aliasing in US English:



  • 1Physics Telecommunications
    The misidentification of a signal frequency, introducing distortion or error.

    ‘high-frequency sounds are prone to aliasing’
    • ‘Aliasing refers to an effect that causes different continuous signals to become indistinguishable (or aliases of one another) when sampled.’
    • ‘Analog signals are usually low-pass filtered to remove most or all of the components above the Nyquist frequency in order to avoid aliasing.’
    • ‘Optical signals were low-pass filtered at 500 Hz to prevent aliasing.’
    • ‘Any component of a sampled signal with a frequency above this limit is subject to aliasing.’
    • ‘This type of signal distortion is called aliasing.’
  • 2Computing
    In computer graphics, the jagged, or saw-toothed appearance of curved or diagonal lines on a low-resolution monitor.

    • ‘The only real complaint I have about the graphics is the game's aliasing and flicker.’
    • ‘While you get solid, realistic colors with adequate detail, there is far too much grain, aliasing, and artifacting in the transfer.’
    • ‘A rasterized image of the view from the light's position was rendered, and sampling errors occurred, including jagged edges and aliasing.’
    • ‘The visual transfer is clear and colorful, but vertical lines still demonstrate some aliasing (they often look like stair steps).’
    • ‘Standard-definition content looks good, but brings with it the usual artifacts: noise, line aliasing, and occasional interlacing.’
    • ‘The worst spots are not that frequent, but the edge enhancement and aliasing are bad enough by themselves to spoil things.’
    • ‘The movie does show a few problems from time to time, including some very bad aliasing and haloing, and some occasional moiré patterns, but for the most part the image is very clean and crisp.’
    • ‘Otherwise, the graphics are smooth and free of annoying graphical glitches like glaring aliasing or slowdown.’
    • ‘Other than some aliasing on the car models and in the distant backgrounds, Rallisport features amazing graphics that certainly add to the game's play experience.’
    • ‘As you can see, it looks pretty good, though aliasing is a bit more obvious.’