Definition of Alfvén wave in US English:

Alfvén wave


  • A hydromagnetic shear wave in a plasma that moves along magnetic field lines. The velocity of such waves (the Alfvén velocity or speed) is characteristic for a plasma of given properties.

    • ‘In the present experiments only one module of the Alfvén wave antenna system has been used.’
    • ‘The discovery of Alfvén waves is, in many ways, representative of his approach.’
    • ‘Magnetohydrodynamic waves (Alfvén waves) are produced by coupling forces between the magnetic field and highly conductive fluids.’
    • ‘The Alfvén waves are very important in Space research as well as in current fusion research.’
    • ‘At the cyclotron frequency the Alfvén wave becomes resonant, and the wavelength goes to zero.’