Definition of Alfredo in US English:



  • A sauce for pasta incorporating butter, cream, garlic, and Parmesan cheese.

    • ‘That's what we called Fettuccine Alfredo in our 1994 study of Italian restaurants.’
    • ‘It seems crazy to refer to Buffalo wings, steak swimming in Alfredo sauce, and bunless double cheeseburgers as ‘diet food.’’
    • ‘Barilla's other tip: Try a white cream sauce like Alfredo on your fatty pasta.’
    • ‘Then, of course, there are the ones rushing to your rescue with a bowl of spaghetti Alfredo.’
    • ‘You'll use the technique for making this sauce over and over, for everything from mac 'n' cheese to Alfredo sauce.’


Named after Alfredo di Lelio, the Italian chef and restaurateur who invented the sauce.