Definition of alevin in US English:



  • A newly spawned salmon or trout still carrying the yolk.

    • ‘The newly hatched salmon, called ‘alevins,’ remain in rapid water until they are about 65 mm long.’
    • ‘Out of the eggs come tiny alevins which soon emerge from the gravel and are called fry.’
    • ‘Tissue samples of adults, alevins, and fry were stored at - 80°C until analysis.’
    • ‘In mid spring, after the larval fish has absorbed its yolk sac, it emerges as an alevin and proceeds to find suitable habitat for the summer period.’
    • ‘After 90-150 days (depending on temperature) the eggs hatch, and the alevins (fry with yolksacs attached to the underside) stay in the gravel until the yolksac is used up.’


Mid 19th century: from French, based on Latin allevare ‘raise up’.