Definition of Aleppo gall in US English:

Aleppo gall


  • A hard nutlike gall that forms on some varieties of oak in response to the developing larva of a gall wasp. It is used as a source of gallic acid and tannin.

    The wasp is Cynips quercusfolii, family Cynipidae

    Also called nutgall
    • ‘The main constituents of Aleppo galls are 50 to 70 per cent of gallotannic acid, 2 to 4 per cent of gallic acid, mucilage, sugar, resin and an insoluble matter called lignin.’
    • ‘The best Aleppo galls, collected in Asiatic Turkey, principally in the province of Aleppo, are collected before the insects escape.’
    • ‘Oak galls, primarily Aleppo galls or Mecca Galls imported from Turkey contain 50 to 70% gallotannic acid and were a major source of gallic and tannic acid used in tanning and dyeing.’
    • ‘The Aleppo gall has been used since the time of the Greeks as a nonfading ink.’
    • ‘In that year, more than 550,000 pounds of Aleppo galls were imported from Turkey.’