Definition of alehouse in English:



  • A tavern.

    • ‘By the 1630s there was estimated to be one alehouse for every 89-104 inhabitants in England (and that doesn't count taverns and inns!)’
    • ‘The American tavern fulfilled the contradictory functions of the English tavern (transitory accommodation) and alehouse (promiscuous drinking).’
    • ‘Court cases, for instance, are straightforward in revealing that violence, often murder, was frequently under the influence of alcohol, usually in taverns or alehouses.’
    • ‘And now she was trembling on a hard mattress, awaiting the arrival of her rough bridegroom, who was currently drinking robustly in the raunchy portside alehouse in celebration of his fine fortune.’
    • ‘It was his team that overcame every concern from planners and heritage guardians to create a brand new alehouse in the ancient English tradition.’