Definition of Aldis lamp in US English:

Aldis lamp


  • A handheld lamp for signaling in Morse code.

    • ‘After seeing a documentary about World War 2 and convoys, I was impressed of the skills of the Aldis lamp operators.’
    • ‘We flew just below cloud level, at 600 ft, until we spotted HMS Sheffield, which signalled to us with an Aldis lamp, giving us the bearing and the distance of the Bismarck.’
    • ‘Ships also use flashing lights between vessels - the Aldis lamp - as another means of semaphore signalling.’
    • ‘He and the commander of the Home Guard would correspond with each other by Aldis lamp (a type of battery lamp).’
    • ‘As we turned to the right downwind, I briefed the copilot to look for our clearance-to-land via the green Aldis lamp from the tower, since we had no radios.’


First World War: named after Arthur C. W. Aldis (1878–1953), its British inventor.


Aldis lamp

/ˈôldis ˌlamp/