Definition of aldicarb in US English:



  • A systemic agricultural pesticide used particularly against some mites, insects, and nematode worms.

    • ‘But some pesticides, such as dieldrin or aldicarb, can permeate the entire body of the fruit or vegetable.’
    • ‘The privately funded Wisconsin study focused on three commonly used farm chemicals: aldicarb, an insecticide; atrazine, an herbicide; and nitrate, a chemical fertilizer.’
    • ‘A video he made of the spraying operation is to be used by the Pesticide Action Network UK, a campaign group trying to prevent the acid and another chemical called aldicarb being used on potatoes.’
    • ‘The effects of aldicarb and levamisole were scored in acute paralysis assays as follows.’
    • ‘Three baits discovered containing poisons: a hare laced with alphachloralose, a goat with aldicarb and a wigeon with strychnine.’


1970s: blend of aldehyde + carbamide (from carbo- + amide).