Definition of alderwoman in US English:


nounPlural alderwomen

North American, Australian
  • An elected female member of a municipal council.

    • ‘A former city alderwoman who voted against razing the middle school said she continues to be concerned about the project's price tag.’
    • ‘The neighborhood's alderwoman says she hopes to hold a community meeting in October where residents can weigh their options.’
    • ‘An alderwoman described the leader of the failed attempt to construct a baseball field as someone who is 'politically ignorant and has no clout'.’
    • ‘The alderwoman maintained her neutrality at a subsequent meeting with the neighbors.’
    • ‘The head of the Little League group contacted an alderwoman and expected her support.’
    • ‘She pledged to bring to the state Senate the same accessible style she has shown as an alderwoman.’
    • ‘The Board of Aldermen's Finance Committee will review a contract for automated trash collection, which could save the city $2.5 million over the next five years according to an alderwoman.’
    • ‘Critics have included members of the African-American community, including a prominent minister and a former alderwoman who say the mayor has made no effort to improve diversity in key positions.’
    • ‘The defeated alderwoman's husband is running for the Liberals here and the incumbent was temporarily investigated.’
    • ‘The alderwoman was speaking not in a spirit of complaint, but rather with an impassioned voice of the necessity of participation in the life of the community if the community is going to thrive.’


Mid 16th century (in sense ‘alderman's wife’): from alder- in alderman + woman.