Definition of Albigenses in US English:


plural noun

  • The members of a heretical sect in southern France in the 12th–13th centuries, identified with the Cathars. Their teaching was a form of Manichaean dualism, with an extremely strict moral and social code.

    • ‘A heretic: the name was particularly applied to the Albigenses.’
    • ‘Montanists, Paulicians, Albigenses, Waldensians, and even St. Patrick of Ireland as some of the forerunners to the German Anabaptists, who in turn gave rise to the modern Baptist churches.’
    • ‘Dr Guirdham was again puzzled because Albigenses [;] was another name of the Cathars and Raymonds was the Count of Toulouse who ordered the massacre of the sect.’
    • ‘The Church defined heresy, and repressed it severely, as when Pope Innocent III launched the armed Crusade that brutally repressed the Albigenses and devastated [desolated] much of southern France.’
    • ‘The proclamational approach of the book of Acts had gradually transferred from Rome to the sectarian movements of the early and mid-Middle Ages: e.g., Paulicians, Albigenses, and Waldenses.’


From medieval Latin, from Albiga, the Latin name of Albi in southern France.