Definition of alb in US English:



  • A white vestment worn by clergy and servers in some Christian Churches.

    • ‘He was fully vested, with a blue brocade chasuble over his white alb.’
    • ‘It seems that all celebrants came from the same place, wearing the same white albs, the same colored stoles, and performed almost the same gestures.’
    • ‘The float was preceded by hundreds of priests fully vested as for mass in albs and chasubles.’
    • ‘I begin to have visions of the vest bulging awkwardly beneath my white alb.’
    • ‘The alb was a long white tunic reaching to the ankles and with long sleeves, made from white linen or wool.’
    vestment, surplice, cassock, rochet, dalmatic, chasuble
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Old English albe, from ecclesiastical Latin tunica (or vestis) alba ‘white garment’, from Latin albus ‘white’.