Definition of akebia in US English:



  • A climbing shrub with purplish flowers, deeply divided leaves, and purple berries. Native to eastern Asia, it is grown as an ornamental in North America.

    Akebia quinata, family Lardizabalaceae

    • ‘This one is now busily threading its way through the established akebia, sharing the same arbor.’
    • ‘I'm particularly fond of akebias, not least because they produce edible fruits.’
    • ‘I cut my akebia almost to the ground and, thinking I had killed it, I dug it up and moved it to an inconspicuous place.’
    • ‘Fiveleaf akebia is a vigorous vine that grows as a groundcover and climbs shrubs and trees by twining.’
    • ‘Keeping her akebias in containers is also good insurance for the bride-to-be.’
    • ‘Fiveleaf akebia is deciduous in cooler climates but may remain evergreen in the warmer regions, such as Louisiana.’
    • ‘Fiveleaf akebia is a deciduous, twining, woody vine that rapidly grows to 20-40’.’


1837: modern Latin, coined by J. Decaisne, French botanist, from Japanese akebi.