Definition of airworthy in US English:



  • (of an aircraft) safe to fly.

    • ‘It's a testament to the professionalism of the engineers that they kept the aircraft airworthy in the field, where hot dusty conditions plagued the helicopters day after day.’
    • ‘The aircraft, the only airworthy example of its type in Australia, was test flown at Point Cook and made its return to public display at the Australian International Airshow at Avalon last month.’
    • ‘Air force deserters even managed to get a few French aircraft airworthy for an attack against the Nazis.’
    • ‘The proper training, getting checked out in unfamiliar aircraft, preflight planning and an airworthy plane are vital for your safety.’
    • ‘A conservative crew decides that an aircraft isn't airworthy; another crew decides it is perfectly flyable.’
    • ‘He had to be certain that the aircraft was airworthy before setting off over the jungles of Burma.’
    • ‘Maintenance at these forward locations was limited to the quick-turnaround type of work aimed at keeping a maximum number of aircraft airworthy.’
    • ‘Ernest said he serviced it and he brought down an inspector from Antigua who would certify the aircraft airworthy.’
    • ‘The new sport-pilot experimental rules, on the other hand, only call for builders to participate and sign off that they have played a part in making the aircraft airworthy.’
    • ‘It is the only example of a Seafire flying anywhere in the world, and may also be the only airworthy example of an aircraft built in South Marston.’
    • ‘The event is dedicated to the recognition of excellence in the preservation and restoration of vintage aircraft in airworthy condition.’
    • ‘Remember that to the FAA, airworthy means that the aircraft meets its type design and that it's in a condition for safe operation.’
    • ‘He said: ‘The Sea Vixen is the sole airworthy aircraft of its sort.’’
    • ‘Under Irish transport rules it is up to the airline to ensure that aircraft used are airworthy.’
    • ‘Getting the plane airworthy for a ferry flight was only one part of a very large puzzle.’
    • ‘This has helped return the aircraft to an airworthy condition earlier than anticipated.’
    • ‘If all goes as planned, Maurice hopes to have at least one of the aircraft in airworthy condition within a year.’
    • ‘Today, FABA has over 70 airworthy biplanes of all types.’
    • ‘The company can deliver complete fleets of airworthy aircraft or helicopters coming from active duty or overhauled as per the manufacturer's recommendations.’
    • ‘On January 1, 1947, having been made airworthy, the aircraft was handed over to the Nigerian Government.’