Definition of airway in English:



  • 1The passage by which air reaches a person's lungs.

    • ‘From the nose and mouth, air passes into the trachea and into each lung, through two airways called the bronchi.’
    • ‘Preliminary studies show these compounds improve the flow of mucus through the respiratory tract, allowing airways to clear more quickly and efficiently.’
    • ‘Circulation: cardiac massage Once the airway is clear and the patient can receive air or oxygen into the lungs, the blood flow to the tissues must be maintained.’
    • ‘It works in the body specifically to reduce any allergic inflammation of the nasal passages, the bronchial airways and the throat.’
    • ‘They reduce inflammation in your airways and prevent blood vessels from leaking fluid into your airway tissues.’
    • ‘Parents gave consent for an upper airway MRI that followed head MRI, with no additional sedation.’
    • ‘Brusquely, he pulled the head back, cleared the airway, pinched the nostrils shut, puffed between the ice cold lips.’
    • ‘Subsequent sleep is again followed by airway collapse, and the cycle repeats itself.’
    • ‘It thins mucus in air passages and makes it easier to cough up mucus and clear airways, allowing easier breathing.’
    • ‘If the airway is clear and intubation is not immediately required, blood pressure and pulse should be checked and oxygen administered.’
    • ‘But the fine water droplets it creates may reach smaller airways in the lower chest.’
    • ‘A casualty can breathe only if their airway is clear.’
    • ‘In patients with severe trauma, airway compromise is a cause of prehospital death that can be prevented and simple airway manoeuvres can clear the airway to provide vital oxygenation.’
    • ‘Actually, coughing is a healthy reflex that helps clear the airways in the throat and chest.’
    • ‘Infiltration of the large and small airways with eosinophils, neutrophils, plasma cells, and lymphocytes is common.’
    • ‘Moreover, BALF from allergen-stimulated airways was mitogenic for airway fibroblasts.’
    • ‘Normally, lung mast cells occur around blood vessels, large airways, and nerves.’
    • ‘A cough is a reflex action to clear the airways of mucus, phlegm, irritants or a foreign body.’
    • ‘The force of a cough can clear an airway that is blocked.’
    • ‘Because wisdom teeth are at the back of the mouth, close to the airway, any infection around the area can potentially become very serious.’
    tube, channel, passage, canal, vessel
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    1. 1.1 A tube for supplying air to a person's lungs in an emergency.
      • ‘The review uncovered a wide range of research relating to the practice of suctioning adults with an artificial airway.’
      • ‘Before inserting the airway, explain the procedure to the patient and use universal precautions as necessary.’
      • ‘Gastric inflation is a dangerous complication of using laryngeal mask airways in advanced life support’
      • ‘In the intensive care unit, however, the artificial airway can be a substantial barrier to aerosol delivery.’
      • ‘A high incidence of middle ear complications from hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been described in patients with artificial airways.’
    2. 1.2 A ventilating passage in a mine.
      • ‘However, for complex airways in operating mines, the coefficients show higher values.’
      • ‘4 types of measurement were carried out during the investigation: pressure loss across the tested airway.’
      • ‘In an intake airway of a coal mine a locomotive was pushing a single materials vehicle.’
      • ‘After work stopped about 2pm Birrell and Nasmyth made their examination, and then appear to have travelled to the shaft by the return airway.’
      • ‘East section is separated from other sections of the Colliery by a fault across which there are only two roads, one the intake and haulage road, and the other the return airway.’
  • 2A recognized route followed by aircraft.

    • ‘The first ones were located not at airports, as they are now, but along airways, spaced 15 to 25 miles apart.’
    • ‘The Short Empire flying boats were extremely successful aircraft that helped extend the airways to all corners of the British empire.’
    • ‘In the waters and airways of the Gulf, in the dust and danger of Iraq, in the jungles of the Solomon Islands or Timor-Leste or in the sad carnage of Aceh, there stand our men and women, there stands our nation.’
    • ‘It was a beautiful day and it was great to watch Johan and Laurie ease the old girl through the South African airways.’
    • ‘By 1920 fifteen fields spaced approximately 200 miles apart over a 2680-mile route made up the airway.’
    • ‘One example of flying a different course to your next waypoint is (after takeoff) to join a nearby airway that goes through that waypoint.’
    • ‘As we flew in a southerly direction down the airway from Phoenix, passing Marana, the twilight was fading in the western sky across the desert.’
    • ‘So, when I was offered the opportunity to fly to Miramar for my airways navigation cross-country, I jumped at the chance.’
    • ‘It was not long before F-BEEG was plying the world's airways on a variety of mapping assignments.’
    • ‘If the member wants an answer, then let me answer it - nor do I have responsibility for the Civil Aviation Authority, which is responsible for safety of the airways.’
    • ‘Tip 6 Use a bright marking pen to lay out your course on the sectional chart, even if it's following an airway - they all look the same.’
    • ‘All metal, sleek and with high-performance, these aircraft pioneered the world's airways.’
    • ‘The weather was such that I could fly airways on a fairly direct route home.’
    • ‘Enhancing airway access by expanding the Kozhikode airport and establishing Kannur airport’
    • ‘The commercial aviation industry can pay for the national airways system.’
    • ‘For those of you now figuring distances in your head, Pensacola to Cincinnati is about 650 miles, following the most direct route along the airways.’
    • ‘When airborne, do pilots fly directly to their destination airport using GPS or do they still fly specific airways?’
    • ‘Keep your aircraft perpendicular to an airway when crossing it.’
    • ‘Following a study that took into account the airline's schedule, available equipment, and airway navigation aids, he decided it best to wait.’
    • ‘A copy of the commercial airway manual was found at the accident site.’
    1. 2.1 Used in names of airlines.
      ‘British Airways’
      • ‘Second position went to Singapore Airlines, with Cathay Pacific third, British Airways fourth and Thai Airways fifth.’
      • ‘Outside of US Airways right now, it is United Airlines.’
      • ‘Judith Elen travelled as a guest of South Australian Tourism Commission, Qantas and Rex Airways.’
      • ‘I am a 20-plus-year employee at US Airways in Baltimore.’
      • ‘Thai Airways is a great airline - keep up the great work!’
      • ‘The fuselage had been transferred to Blackhawk Airways run by Dick Wixom in Janesville, Wisconsin.’
      • ‘US Airways has moved to a new location at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.’
      • ‘I sat in this strange dazed state until 8 a.m. when I was able to contact my brother, who was fortunately in Bangkok and able to arrange a flight ticket with Thai Airways.’
      • ‘US Airways and American Airlines have put fares on sale for travel to and from New York.’
      • ‘Australia's Qantas Airways Ltd owns a 49-percent share in Jetstar.’
      • ‘British Airways, via London Heathrow; Ryanair and EasyJet, via Gatwick, Czech Air, via Prague, Olympic Airways via London.’
      • ‘The six carriers are China Airlines, EVA Airways, Mandarin Airlines, Far Eastern Air Transport, TransAsia Airways and UNI Air.’
      • ‘These partners include British Airways and American Airways.’
      • ‘Both Virgin Atlantic and South African Airways offer flights from London Heathrow to Durban.’
      • ‘The airline has so-called code-sharing agreements with Delta Air, Alitalia, Garuda Indonesia, Thai Airways and Vietnam Airlines.’
      • ‘They include Thai Airways International, Singapore's Silk Air, Malaysian Airline System, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Indian Airlines and Air China.’
      • ‘The Airline Group consists of British Airways, British Midland, Virgin Atlantic, easyJet, Monarch Airlines, Britannia Airways and Airtours.’
      • ‘The evening's activities were led by Visuda Sathanont, from the Standards Department of Thai Airways International Plc.’
      • ‘These airlines include Nigerian Airways, Kenya Airways, and Air Mauritius.’
      • ‘Connexion By Boeing will also be launched on Singapore Airlines, Japanese Airlines, All Nippon Airways and China Airlines.’