Definition of airstream in US English:



  • A current of air.

    • ‘However, we may consider a simple model in which the feather is assumed to be an isolated, flat, rigid object in a uniform airstream.’
    • ‘Orographic assent is where an airstream hits a mountain and rises because of the topography.’
    • ‘An important aspect to consider, even if you opt for the single-surfboard version you've found, is that the top of the board will almost certainly be in the airstream over the top of the car.’
    • ‘They occur from July to September, when changing airstreams draw moisture-laden currents from Mexico tot he dry Southwest.’
    • ‘The sound of the human whistle, like that in the most primitive instrumental forms - a whistle fashioned from a hollow tube of wood or straw - is made by the turbulence generated in an airstream at the narrow orifice formed by pursing the lips.’
    • ‘The military has used systems with modulated airstreams, but it takes a lot of air.’
    • ‘Hail showers are quite common over the British Isles in westerly and northerly airstreams in spring.’
    • ‘There was a panel sticking up 2 inches into the airstream.’
    • ‘The air volume in the cylinder was 115 ml and an airstream of 15 ml min - 1 was pumped through the root/nodule compartment.’
    • ‘Only the Dyson, which relies on centrifugal force to spin the dust out of the airstream, maintains constant suction.’
    • ‘A swift low-pressure airstream takes some molecules from this boundary layer and reduces molecular impacts on that surface of the wing across which the airstream moves faster.’
    • ‘The other blower blows a fresh airstream in through the heat exchangers.’
    • ‘The Observatory said the hot weather was caused by a southwesterly airstream.’
    • ‘Temperatures rocketed under the influence of a southwesterly airstream.’
    • ‘The moist yet cool south-west airstreams undercut the dry and hot continental air, leading to vigorous and deep convection.’
    • ‘This occurs when high pressure systems lie to the east, and a cold front is advancing from the west - a combination that directs a hot northerly airstream across these states.’
    • ‘The system cools incoming gases to approximately 180F, humidifies the airstream and charges particulate and water droplets with opposite polarity.’
    • ‘This amazing feat is consistent with the westerly airstream prevalent in the latitude of South Africa.’
    • ‘An active air filtration system provides a counterflow airstream that actually works to keep dust from entering the cooling system.’
    • ‘Engineers refined the luggage rack crossbars, upgraded the door seals and repositioned the windshield wiper arms below the main airstream coming off the hood to significantly reduce wind noise.’
    steady flow, stream, backdraught, slipstream
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