Definition of airside in English:



  • The side of an airport terminal from which aircraft can be observed; the area beyond security checks and passport and customs control.

    • ‘The tenders for the airside infrastructure, the apron, are in and a contract should be awarded within a month.’
    • ‘At the airport, bulletproof glass was installed on the airside windows.’
    • ‘With the signing of the last major contract for the airport expansion project last Friday, work is now underway on the airside infrastructural phase of the project.’
    • ‘From July 1, new staff who need an airside pass, which allows access to restricted zones across the airport, will be required to provide evidence of any unspent convictions from their past.’
    • ‘With the airside muscle removed from the Gate Gourmet dispute the development of a classic ‘lock out’ looks likely.’
    • ‘The Sunday Times newspaper reported that two ‘bombs’ were smuggled past guards and onto the airside operations of South Africa's largest airport.’
    • ‘The airline supplied them with lists of suspended staff requesting that their airside access permits be suspended until further notice.’
    • ‘Departing passengers check in at the third level before descending to the concourse on the airside.’
    • ‘From landside to airside was a direct walk from your car, or the coach, through the terminal to your plane, which was in view.’
    • ‘The airside departure areas concerned in this appeal are not open to the public.’
    • ‘Not everyone working in airports has to have an airside pass, just those who have to pass through security barriers.’
    • ‘Once these two are completed, the next stages are airside and land-side preparation.’
    • ‘The airside areas received new reception points for the baggage coming off the conveyor belts.’
    • ‘This company selected through global bidding firms for the airside and landside work and the passenger terminal building.’
    • ‘It went live at the beginning of July, and affects all airport workers holding an airside pass.’
    • ‘Enclosed passageways are being built throughout the terminals so that the concourses are connected on the secured airside.’
    • ‘It is a restricted staff area, but it is not classed as airside.’
    • ‘The airline could revert to in-house engineers for its airside turnaround services and transfer some of its heavy maintenance to another European airport, according to industry sources.’
    • ‘Two men attacked the driver of a security van in a secure airside cargo loading area at the airport.’
    • ‘The introduction of visas for airside passengers will put increased pressure on customs officials.’


  • On or to the airside of an airport terminal.

    ‘a new executive lounge has opened airside’
    • ‘You find yourself stranded airside in such an airport, and you know that a familiar bar will be there somewhere, and you eventually do find it.’
    • ‘All persons and vehicles are admitted to and remain airside.’
    • ‘You must establish systems to make sure that everyone working airside takes proper account of airside safety procedures.’
    • ‘It is hoped the system, available airside in the airport's International Terminal, will appeal to business passengers who use the airport.’
    • ‘Smuggling a sewing kit airside does not take the stealth of an undercover agent.’
    • ‘It means anyone might be able to get airside, and very close to aircraft.’
    • ‘We go airside at Luton.’
    • ‘Instead, security used the ‘wand’ detectors to - eventually - give her the clearance to go airside.’
    • ‘Every worker needs a pass to go airside, including 20,000 engineers.’
    • ‘This manual sets out policy regarding officers and staff who are required to operate airside on airfields.’
    • ‘The whole process was further slowed by the fact that if you wanted to deliver something airside, it had to go through tough security checks.’
    • ‘Advertising goes airside at Heathrow.’
    • ‘Rachel manages to fit all her volunteer and charity work around a 12-hour a day job, working airside at an airport as part of the safety practice team.’
    • ‘The youngster's motive for getting airside remains unclear.’
    • ‘Guess what they were able to buy airside, in transit…!’
    • ‘One of the things that's missing from the airport airside is a really good food offering.’
    • ‘He said: ‘Under the Department for Transport regulations a special security seal is placed on the doors at the back of the truck and this is carefully checked by security staff before the vehicle is allowed airside.’’
    • ‘We then went airside, only to hear that staff had gone back on strike and our flight was cancelled.’