Definition of airsick in US English:



  • Affected with nausea due to travel in an aircraft.

    • ‘There's no way I could keep him from getting airsick, but, since his flight suit was drenched before we strapped in the plane, I should've been alarmed.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, his brutal analysis of the airline's business is enough to make the shareholders feel airsick.’
    • ‘I continued to climb down, making myself somewhat airsick in the process.’
    • ‘After three hours of being in the air, Mark and Lilly got airsick.’
    • ‘It was very frightening, and the entire journey was complicated by the fact that my daughter was airsick all the way.’
    • ‘We just landed in an open field in those days and there seemed to be just one shed for an airport, and we were all feeling a bit airsick because of this bumpy journey up.’
    • ‘Her sister being airsick was such a winning point.’
    • ‘‘My main qualification is that I don't get airsick,’ he says.’
    • ‘He became airsick over Daggett.’
    • ‘He was airsick again, leaning against her shoulder taking deep breaths; ears pinned back against his head.’
    • ‘This is always a possibility, as is the possibility of getting carsick or airsick.’
    • ‘As on many other long flights, I had gotten slightly more than a little airsick.’
    • ‘These shameless airlines promos are starting to make us a little airsick.’
    • ‘I am airsick, and when I asked a medic for airsickness pills he gave them to me, I took them, and then I became so sleepy it was unbearable.’
    • ‘The aircrew in back took care of our airsick Marines.’
    • ‘As this happened, Lilly didn't feel airsick anymore.’
    • ‘Aside from one of us getting a little airsick, the flight to the Grand Canyon went smoothly.’
    • ‘After we landed, she was making a bit of a scene trying to get the stewardess to get her some water to take a tablet to help prevent her from feeling airsick.’
    • ‘I felt airsick, which definitely is out of the ordinary.’
    • ‘During the last hundred kilometers I was starting to feel sick, but I kept telling myself don't worry you have never been airsick before so just keep flying and concentrate.’
    nauseous, nauseated, bilious, sick
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