Definition of airpot in US English:



  • A container for storing and dispensing coffee or other beverages that maintains a constant temperature by use of glass insulation.

    • ‘The auto-fill airpot coffee maker offers great flexibility, operated as an. auto-fill or manual fill machine’
    • ‘On the other hand, I am tired of going to an independent coffeeshop, asking for a cup of coffee, and watching them squirt 12 tepid ounces out of an airpot filled an hour ago, the faint taste of hazelnut still adhering to the inside of the pot.’
    • ‘It brews 7.5 gallons (28.4 liters) of perfect coffee per hour directly into 1.9-3 liter airpots.’
    • ‘Welcome to Stacks and Stacks, where you'll find a large assortment of attractive coffee makers, espresso machines, coffee carafes, coffee airpots and coffee urns that will help you make and store the prefect cup of coffee.’
    • ‘With sharp-looking designs, attractive and convenient displays for your coffees, along with a wide selection of brewing and serving options, there's an airpot brewing system that's just right for you.’
    • ‘The airpots can then be moved to serve coffee locally.’
    • ‘We've taken our PAE - series airpots, and inserted an unbreakable stainless steel vacuum liner!’
    • ‘Today I went down for The Usual, and found a different crew: two white guys, new logos, Starbuck-branded airpots.’
    • ‘Racks hold two, three or five push-button airpots to better satisfy the demand for a variety of coffees.’
    • ‘Our airpots come with either a push button or lever style lid, many of which are interchangeable on the models.’
    • ‘Including pump-action airpots, insulated servers and vacuum jugs, self-service insulated dispensers and urns, coffee jugs and cafetieres.’
    • ‘These pour-on coffee makers brew directly into an airpot which keeps coffee hot and fresh for up to 8 hours.’
    • ‘1.91 airpots suitable for holding hot water at the right temperature for hours are available either branded in cases of four or un-branded in cases of six.’
    • ‘Convenient, easy on counter space, and extremely durable, these airpots keep beverages hot or cold for more than six hours.’