Definition of airmobile in US English:



  • (of troops) moved about by helicopters.

    • ‘These regional teams were originally in support of the sweep and raid operations conducted by the airmobile and special operations forces, and were renamed Joint Regional Teams.’
    • ‘My parting word of advice is to go back and study some of the past airmobile and air cavalry operations in Vietnam and other operations.’
    • ‘The essence of air-mobile defense consists in a combination of air and ground action, rapid deployment of mobile screening forces, maneuver with airmobile reserves, and delivery of air strikes from helicopter gunships.’
    • ‘In early 2002, the equivalent of an airmobile brigade group was deployed, but this formation was much smaller than the unneeded but planned-for division or corps-sized options.’
    • ‘Once the opposing side's defences had been penetrated, swiftly moving mechanized forces would create local encirclements and then, in conjunction with airborne and airmobile forces, enter the pursuit phase.’
    • ‘In covering the state border, combat-ready rapid deployment forces should be expected to make a wide use of airmobile defense to close the emerging breaches, gaps, or exposed flanks.’
    • ‘The Persian Gulf War presented army aviation with the opportunity to use airmobile tactics to the fullest.’
    • ‘While US doctrine was still focused on armored and airmobile warfare, the missions required good old fashioned foot infantry.’
    • ‘Their most important component is the use of various types and methods of maneuver, raids and airmobile operations, as well as timely and appropriate reaction to any change in the situation and actions of the enemy.’
    • ‘The 101st division is airmobile; its infantry move by helicopter and are capable of hopping around the battlefield in lightning-quick strikes to secure key objectives.’
    • ‘For example, few of our military theorists could suppose the massive employment in the war in Vietnam of helicopter gunships and guided weapons and that this would pave the way for a new form of warfare - airmobile operations.’
    • ‘The airlifting of airmobile elements under these conditions will more frequently than not be over small distances for which reason it is advisable for them to have a limited number of army aircraft and heavy combat equipment.’
    • ‘This gave rise to a specific form of tactical operation designated as airmobile operation.’
    • ‘During my tour of duty in Vietnam with the 101st Airborne Division in 1968-69, the division converted from an airborne division to an airmobile configuration.’
    • ‘The deployment of even one airmobile brigade, or the equivalent of one of the Army's proposed fast-moving interim brigades, would have made a major difference in the campaign right then.’
    • ‘At the same time, troops are obliged to operate in the absence of a frontline using their high air-land maneuverability, raids, airmobile operations, tactical and fire independence of units, subunits, various detachments and teams.’
    • ‘This is why, in the fourth day of action, airmobile units were included in offensive groups of forces as reconnaissance and fire-support components.’
    • ‘NATO exercises show that up to 15 to 20 airmobile and airborne assault and 10 to 15 reconnaissance and commando groups can be dropped into the zone of defending troops.’
    • ‘Another shortcoming of the book is Atkinson's diffidence in examining the role of an airmobile division, the Army's only one.’
    • ‘Troops are skilled in airborne, airmobile, amphibious, arctic and mountain operations.’