Definition of airiness in US English:



  • See airy

    • ‘The overall effect is spare, spacious, uncluttered corners and a dim airiness suggesting not a vacuum but the unchallenged resilience of colonial attitudes, the finality of officialdom.’
    • ‘Inside the impression was of light airiness and scrupulous cleanliness (we did not have antibiotics but hospital-acquired infection was extremely rare).’
    • ‘The extraordinary airiness and weightlessness of traditional sculpture owes itself to the continuity and the smoothness of their surfaces.’
    • ‘It has big, deep glazing, because that provides greater airiness and a better view.’
    • ‘His hair sprouts upwards from his head and his speech is exuberant, his voice feathery and light, and there is an airiness to him that contradicts the expectation of the marble toughness required to succeed in business.’
    • ‘Their airiness belies their solid metal construction.’
    • ‘The installation is a combination of airiness and heaviness; the wadding is associated with warmth and the lead buttons with weight.’