Definition of airglow in US English:



  • A glow in the night sky caused by radiation from the upper atmosphere.

    • ‘Earth's horizon and airglow is visible at left.’
    • ‘There should not be any city lights or other light pollution: the airglow is a faint glow.’
    • ‘This communication deals with the latitude correlation between variations of local zenith airglow and ionospheric data for typical winter and early summer nights.’
    • ‘Click here to view a movie and narrative by Don Pettit describing some of the airglow he has seen.’
    • ‘By studying how the ionosphere reacts to the experiments, scientists can begin to understand how it behaves during natural airglow and aurora.’
    • ‘The orangish arc extending to the left from the aurora is airglow viewed edgewise on the limb of the Earth.’
    • ‘Spherical aberration causes bloated star images, however this lens is excellent for recording larger scale detail such as auroral rays, and in this case, faint bands of airglow across the sky.’
    • ‘Like its brighter and fast-moving relative the aurora, night airglow has strong emissions at specific wavelengths.’