Definition of airdrome in English:



  • 1An airport.

    • ‘Sometimes an airdrome or river might be misplaced but not difficult to sort out.’
    • ‘The airdrome was a dirt strip almost within the city; one end of the short strip was 70-ft higher than the other end, so we always took off downhill and landed uphill.’
    • ‘Early next morning, I went straight to the entrance of the airdrome.’
    • ‘The money being offered by English agents who toured Ireland during 1940-42 recruiting labour for the airdromes proved very attractive, particularly as they also paid expenses to the workers to get to their destinations.’
    • ‘Glover saw the airdrome first and reported it to me.’
    1. 1.1 A military air base.
      • ‘On 14 October, a few days after Naples fell, we moved to the big airdrome at Pomigliano at the foot of Mt. Vesuvius, about 10-km east of Naples.’
      • ‘Our airdrome was the nearest to the front lines and the first one you came to returning from Anzio.’
      • ‘The commander showed up and told our senior officer that he wanted to inspect the airdrome.’
      • ‘I returned to the airdrome and was fired at by ground batteries.’
      • ‘Our squadron lived in a small two-story bullet spattered stucco house in an open field about 200-yds from the airdrome.’
      • ‘From what reports tell me, you can't get a finer airdrome than you have got at Maxwell Field.’
      • ‘The target was to be a German airdrome behind the Austrian lines.’
      • ‘One morning the whole group was summoned to a special intelligence briefing and told that no aircraft were to take off that day and that the airdrome anti-aircraft defenses would not fire at enemy aircraft that might appear!’