Definition of airboat in US English:



  • A shallow-draft boat powered by an aircraft engine, for use in swamps.

    • ‘Two Service airboats patrolled the sea all day, every day, to round up sick birds and ferry them back to the on-site pelican rehabilitation hospital.’
    • ‘The dispatcher relayed information from the airboat to their friends who were, as really good friends, willing to launch another boat in the dead of night and try to find them by GPS coordinates.’
    • ‘Traveling by airboat over thick, floating marshes and rounded levees, he enthusiastically points at countless alligators, scurrying nutrias, and several bald eagle nests.’
    • ‘The problem was as that military chopper went down it churned up all the floodwaters and some rescue personnel in airboats got actually - their airboat was tossed over.’
    • ‘Their boats - everything from aluminum flatbottoms to airboats to big center-consoles - will need a major going-over with a pressure washer and a good disinfectant.’
    • ‘But if the commercialism gets too much to cope with, get back to nature on an airboat ride through alligator-infested marshland.’
    • ‘Plus she has her own airboat to cruise the swamps for no apparent reason.’
    • ‘I've done a power slide in an airboat on the Florida Everglades.’
    • ‘Take a ride on the wild side aboard an airboat and travel into the heart and soul of South Louisiana's marshes and swamps.’
    • ‘The water is now too low, and our airboat won't make it.’
    • ‘A woman, her neighbor, and her dog go through the flooded streets in an airboat.’
    • ‘I met a great guy named Speedy Johnson, he runs an airboat business down there.’
    • ‘Landowners along the Colorado River, he said, complained that, when the river flooded, people would use airboats to travel and sometimes hunt over their swamped property.’
    • ‘We ate Cajun food in the evenings and by day drove south on Highway 1, hugging the bayou, passing dozens of airboats being used to check downed power lines on crooked poles, and running the marsh to Grand Isle.’
    • ‘Nearby is Everglades National Park, which can be explored by canoe, hiking, biking or in an airboat.’
    • ‘More than a thousand Louisiana residents were rescued by helicopters and airboats Saturday, with hundreds still trapped on the roofs or second stories of buildings.’
    • ‘You'll find it here with wonderful food and upscale Western accommodations (log cabins or suites), along with fly-fishing, archery, hiking and airboat rides.’
    • ‘The airboat project is the first of its kind in Ireland.’
    • ‘The only way to reach the building was by airboat, piloted by an Everglades boatman, as all streets were impassable from fallen trees, flood waters or both.’
    • ‘So he sends a posse of ornery opossum lovers out into the bog for a little airboat ambush.’