Definition of air raid in US English:

air raid


  • An attack in which bombs are dropped from aircraft on to a ground target.

    ‘the town was destroyed in the air raid’
    • ‘So the solution of using bombs from the air, an air raid, is not possible in this kind of fighting.’
    • ‘The air force launched a massive air raid with high explosive bombs on the shipyard.’
    • ‘The British mission with the Partisans proved powerless to restrain them and a British officer sent in to mediate was killed in an air raid.’
    • ‘Remember that most of the injuries in an air raid are caused not by direct hits by bombs, but by flying fragments of debris or bits of shells.’
    • ‘He was displeased to watch an air raid occur on his cannons, destroying one of them.’
    • ‘In 1937 his work was declared degenerate by the Nazis and in 1944 his Berlin studio was destroyed in an air raid.’
    • ‘Suddenly, the lights fizzle out, and all that can be heard are the bombings of an air raid outside.’
    • ‘Sara has a mostly miserable time at a succession of schools, and Feige is killed in the last air raid of the war.’
    • ‘Mr Webster, a retired surveyor, was seriously injured during an air raid on his army headquarters in Yarmouth in 1943.’
    • ‘A written record of the event was destroyed in the air raid.’
    • ‘She grabbed my arm and told me how her house had been hit by a US bomb during an air raid.’
    • ‘New York saw damage that looked like a wartime air raid.’
    • ‘The car was taken back to Berlin and was destroyed during an Allied air raid later in the war.’
    • ‘The railway station was badly bombed during the worst air raid on York in April 1942.’
    • ‘I was five years old when the war began and I remember the blitz, when we spent so much time in the air raid shelters.’
    • ‘The enemy bombers were shot down and a long siren wail told residents the air raid was over and that emergency rescue work must begin at once.’
    • ‘Leon's father, Noel, was only three years old when Spalding Avenue, where they lived, was struck during an air raid.’
    • ‘The original was destroyed in a wartime air raid, but a replica was created in 1954.’
    • ‘This is because of the danger of their being bombed in an air raid.’
    • ‘He had worked as a civil engineer's clerk for British Rail, and was an air raid patrol warden in Haxby during the Second World War.’
    shelling, strafing, pounding, pelting, blitz, strafe, bombing
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air raid

/ˈe(ə)r ˌrād//ˈɛ(ə)r ˌreɪd/