Definition of air plant in English:

air plant


  • A typically epiphytic, sometimes rootless, tropical American plant with grasslike or fingerlike leaves through which water and airborne or waterborne nutrients are absorbed.

    • ‘At the summits and on the western side, where high winds and cooler temperatures make growing conditions most severe, is a so-called elfin forest comprising dwarf, gnarly trees draped with epiphytes, or air plants, including orchids.’
    • ‘The reason you can is that most popular cultivated orchids are epiphytes, or air plants, which most often grow on trees or the surfaces of rocks.’
    • ‘Obviously, they've never seen the champion, festooned with hundreds of air plants and mistletoe and soaring to 55 feet with a trunk more than 4 feet in diameter.’
    • ‘But, closely followed by the lovely bird sculptures with attached air plants that I have now twice been given by children known to me in a professional capacity.’
    • ‘Apart from Spanish moss, epiphytic bromeliads include ball moss, Schultes northern needleleaf (with curved leaves) and southern needleleaf, and the rare spreading air plant.’


air plant

/ˈer plant//ˈɛr plænt/