Definition of air pistol in US English:

air pistol


  • A pistol which fires pellets using compressed air.

    • ‘Men compete in the 10m air pistol, 25m rapid fire pistol and 50m pistol - women in the 10m air pistol and 25m pistol.’
    • ‘The youth ran in front of her on the dark platform, pointed an air pistol at her chest, and demanded she hand over her handbag, telling her she had ‘five minutes’.’
    • ‘The four day meet will have various air rifle and air pistol events in both men's and women's sections.’
    • ‘Only when it made a funny clicking sound did I realise it was an air pistol that fortunately wasn't loaded.’
    • ‘Police have declined to comment on claims that the gun the woman was carrying was an air pistol.’
    • ‘They found a 35-year-old armed with a knife, an air pistol and a can of petrol who had returned to his former home which he had shared with the mother of his son.’
    • ‘Recent government legislation has made it illegal to carry or use an air rifle or air pistol in public and Mrs Burgess is calling for strong action against people found carrying airguns.’
    • ‘After losing some money to robbers and conmen, Edwards bought an air rifle and air pistol to ‘protect himself’.’
    • ‘The man said he did not want any trouble but then pointed an air pistol at the ground and fired it, hitting the victim in the left calf.’
    • ‘Gardaí arrested six people and recovered a number of weapons, including a spear gun, an air pistol, three bows and arrows, a bullet proof vest and spent shells from a high powered rifle.’
    • ‘An air rifle was reportedly offered for sale for £35 and for £40 an air pistol which fires metal ball bearings could reportedly be supplied within a matter of days.’
    • ‘She fired an air pistol at the pavement during a stand-off with a group she described as ‘yobs’ and whom she accused of harassment and vandalism.’
    • ‘Sergeant Roger Hutton said the air pistol and BB guns were imported by a local business that did not have a dealer's license to sell them.’
    • ‘It was an exciting time for the youngsters, who learnt the basics of handling the air rifle, air pistol and .22-rifle.’
    • ‘He owned his first gun as a small boy, a Webley air pistol given to him by an aunt, and the passion was immediate.’
    • ‘Mongolia also has gold medal dreams in Gundegmaa Otryad, who is ranked number one in the world in the women's 10m air pistol and the 25m pistol.’
    • ‘And he pointed out that no licence was necessary to possess an air rifle with a muzzle energy of under 12 ft lbs or an air pistol under six ft lbs - although there are age and usage limitations.’
    • ‘The judge said that his victim in the armed robbery would have had no idea that the air pistol was not a fully-operational gun.’
    • ‘Each athlete takes 20 shots with a 4.5mm-calibre air pistol at a 10-ring target from a distance of 10 metres.’
    • ‘‘He is a natural shot’ was the instant remark of the shooting veterans as he fired a couple of pellets with the air pistol.’


air pistol

/ɛ(ə)r ˈpɪstl/