Definition of air cushion in US English:

air cushion


  • 1An inflatable cushion.

    • ‘The seat is fitted with a number of air cushions, which inflate or deflate automatically to adjust to the current driving situation.’
    • ‘When the boyfriend arrived shortly after 10 am, Moon jumped, landing beside an air cushion inflated by police.’
    • ‘Police asked Sanit Bunmachai, a Pattaya council officer, to bring an elevating work platform and an air cushion.’
    • ‘The firefighters brought in one large air cushion and a small one as well.’
    • ‘They removed the bamboo fence underneath the ledge and move the air cushions in place.’
    • ‘Unlike An Incident in Shanghai, this woman dropped into the air cushion bag set up by the police and was then rushed to the hospital.’
    • ‘I wear regular shoes from the shoe store - no orthotics, air cushions or insoles.’
    • ‘She then jumped four stories onto air cushions.’
  • 2The layer of air supporting a hovercraft or similar vehicle.

    • ‘Thanks to air cushions like the ones found on hovercraft, the vessel will be able to cruise on rivers and seas at 25 mph - twice the speed of current freighters.’
    • ‘When the air cushion is strong enough, the operator steps onto the hovercraft platform and waits a few seconds until the air cushion becomes powerful enough to cause uniform levitation.’
    • ‘Even so, work is currently in hand to study the possibility of creating air cushion landing craft with higher capacity and protected by light armor, but this work is only at a conceptual analysis stage now.’
    • ‘Sixth, the use of air cushion landing craft in the course of an amphibious assault operation seriously complicates the effective engagement of marine striking echelons as they approach the coast.’
    • ‘The air cushion on the catamaran is contained between the sidehulls and end seals, and is generated by installed lift fans.’
    • ‘An air cushion between the two hulls is created as the catamaran moves through the water.’
    • ‘This involves the use of specialized ships that can simultaneously launch helicopter forces and seaborne landing craft and air cushion landing craft.’
    • ‘They're coming ashore on landing craft air cushions, the LCATs they're called.’
    • ‘The shallow draft on air cushion gives the advantage of access to shallow coastal waters.’
    • ‘The hovercraft, or air cushion vehicle, was patented by British engineer Christopher Cockerell.’
    • ‘The hovercraft had an air cushion under them that could be easily ruptured.’
    • ‘These flying vehicles can move near the surface of ground or water using the air cushion at a speed up to 160 km/h.’


air cushion

/ˈe(ə)r ˌko͝oSHən/