Definition of air-sea rescue in US English:

air-sea rescue


  • A rescue of a person from the sea using aircraft.

    • ‘Arguably the highlight of the weekend, particularly for the viewing public, is the air-sea rescue exercise courtesy of the lifeboat and the search and rescue helicopter.’
    • ‘Nor would anybody have set in motion an air-sea rescue exercise over the Aegean within hours of having spirited it away.’
    • ‘The winch operator, a veteran of hundreds of air-sea rescues, said the equipment groaned with the weight of the men.’
    • ‘The airport is likely to be the base, for three years at least, for a new air-sea rescue helicopter for the North West.’
    • ‘An air-sea rescue launch boat used to rescue fallen pilots is in such a bad state of disrepair that it will be destroyed unless its original owner reclaims it by the end of April.’
    • ‘A critic may also question why other important topics, such as intelligence and reconnaissance, air-sea rescue, and helicopters, were not covered in separate monographs.’
    • ‘Financing an effective air-sea rescue service may not be a priority and local government may lack the resources or the interest to mount an effective sea and airborne search.’
    • ‘After 51 years, the air-sea rescue boats, as they were known, had gone to other stations in the country.’
    • ‘Coastguards called off the search involving a police helicopter and the air-sea rescue helicopter from a nearby airbase.’
    • ‘A keen sailor found himself at the centre of an air-sea rescue drama in the Irish Sea last week.’
    • ‘They spent the next 14 hours soaking wet and cold until a plane alerted their own air-sea rescue.’
    • ‘He got into difficulties in the late afternoon and an emergency call was made to the air-sea rescue services.’
    • ‘On Thursday, three fishermen had to be rescued by an air-sea rescue helicopter as a rising tide left them cut off from the mainland.’
    • ‘The appearance of an air-sea rescue helicopter above the building led to speculation he was not going to miss out on a rare good-news picture opportunity.’
    • ‘In 1942, he failed to return from an air-sea rescue mission off the coast of Iceland.’
    • ‘So, too, had aircraft for maritime work such as air-sea rescue - aircraft with floats or hulls for operating from water, and aircraft which could take off from, and return to, a ship adapted as a carrier.’
    • ‘Losing fuel and hydraulic fluid, it would not be able to fly the 60 miles to the nearest air-sea rescue point.’
    • ‘This book tells the extraordinary stories of the most remarkable air-sea rescues in Irish waters.’
    • ‘Each officer spends every third day of duty at the airfield at Rockaway Beach, where Scuba maintains an air-sea rescue team with two divers and a helicopter pilot.’
    • ‘The trawler at the centre of an air-sea rescue in the early hours of Friday morning sank in the afternoon.’


air-sea rescue

/ˌerˌsē ˈreskyo͞o//ˌɛrˌsi ˈrɛskju/