Definition of air-cooled in US English:



  • Cooled by means of a flow of air.

    • ‘The Americans were developing larger tanks, with cast-armour hulls and turrets, better guns, and air-cooled diesel engines.’
    • ‘The Navy reasoned that air-cooled radial engines offered added reliability, especially when operating over water.’
    • ‘Sitting almost upright on one of its floats, only the severe damage to the front end, where its 14-cylinder, air-cooled radial engine was partially torn away on impact, betrays the violence that saw this aircraft downed.’
    • ‘With the simple air-cooled engine and shaft drive this is a bike which should give years of service with minimal expense.’
    • ‘Piston engines of the Second World War were of two types, air-cooled radial engines and liquid-cooled in-line engines.’