Definition of air-conditioned in US English:



  • (of a building or vehicle) provided with air conditioning.

    ‘the hotel has comfortable, air-conditioned rooms’
    • ‘Escape the heat and head to an air-conditioned theater to catch one of this summer's attractions.’
    • ‘This hotel claims the country's only air-conditioned tennis courts.’
    • ‘Unless you're in an air-conditioned space, it can get very uncomfortable.’
    • ‘Many decades later, the B&O Railroad introduced the first air-conditioned train cars.’
    • ‘It's air-conditioned, so he'll be comfortable waiting while you shop your brains out.’
    • ‘It is the only accommodation connected to the airport by an air-conditioned walkway.’
    • ‘Nowadays, they simply drive across the desert in air-conditioned SUVs.’
    • ‘Last year, he put his chateau up for sale, complete with the 26-car underground air-conditioned garage.’
    • ‘From here, there is access to the air-conditioned conservatory.’
    • ‘They were said to have $60,000 worth of gold plate in their bathrooms and an air-conditioned dog kennel.’