Definition of ahi in US English:



  • A large tuna, especially as an item of food.

    • ‘Head lifeguard Jason Brooks orders nothing but the black-and-blue ahi.’
    • ‘You'll find a wide selection of fresh seafood, such as seared ahi tuna dusted with spices and served rare over noodles.’
    • ‘The menu includes seared ahi tuna salad, filet mignon and lobster tail, along with shrimp and grits.’
    • ‘It takes guts to serve niçoise at this time of year, as it generally depends on the best ingredients, but the potatoes were sweet, the ahi rare and the tomatoes tasty.’
    • ‘As for the main course, the menu is long and ambitious, at least in terms of the types of fish available: halibut, salmon, orange roughy, and ahi tuna among others, all of which are grilled or pan-fried, as well as bouillabaisse.’
    • ‘A sample menu shows burgers, sandwiches, salads, entrees, appetizers, side dishes and soups, from veggie and cheeseburgers to seared ahi tuna salad, filet mignon and lobster tail, along with caviar pie and shrimp and grits.’
    • ‘You can grill these burgers to desired doneness, but if you like your ahi burgers rare, make sure that the tuna you've purchased is sushi grade.’
    • ‘And the food goes beyond cheese and olives; chefs at these places are likely to offer ahi tacos, paella, or sushi rolls - dishes meant for pairing and sharing.’
    • ‘Nowadays, local master chefs each have their own way of preparing the celebrated ahi,, cooked tataki style, meaning cooked on the outside and raw in the inside.’
    • ‘Among the ahi tuna, the seared scallops and the Pacific salmon, the wine lists make fascinating reading.’
    • ‘Rinse 3 ounces sashimi-grade ahi tuna (yellowfin or bigeye; for bacteria safety, buy it from a good seafood purveyor); pat dry.’
    • ‘The fish includes mahi-mahi, salmon, swordfish, grouper, sea bass and ahi tuna priced between $14 and $18.50.’
    • ‘Sunset Sam's Fish Camp serves crab cakes, lobster skewers, sauteed coconut prawns, ahi tuna sashimi - and those are just starters.’
    • ‘He can kind of get bogged down in the details sometimes, and some people might not care why ahi tuna is inferior to bluefin.’
    • ‘I had lobster medallions as my starter and then seared ahi tuna over ginger risotto and stir-fried veggies.’
    • ‘Instead of serving hot dogs to the media at half-time of Falcons games, I would serve ahi tuna steaks, medium well, flown in from Hawaii the day before the game.’
    • ‘My favorite tuna is sushi-grade ahi, cooked rare.’
    • ‘I used scallops in this recipe, but substitutes might include chicken breast, grilled turkey or even ahi tuna.’
    • ‘They were eating a lot, especially swordfish, shark, and ahi tuna (which is served as tuna steaks or sushi).’
    • ‘Be sure to try chef Humberto Huizar's signature potato-crusted salmon or sesame and black pepper ahi tuna.’


Hawaiian ‘ahi.