Definition of agrostology in US English:



  • The branch of botany concerned with grasses.

    • ‘Hence, an agrostology project was thought to be a highly important option for the state.’
    • ‘Chase, Mary Agnes Meara, American botanist, widely regarded as an expert in agrostology, the study of grasses.’
    • ‘The first stumbling block for most students is the specialized terminology of agrostology.’
    • ‘Agrostology is dedicated to the detailed study of the economically most important group of plants -- the grasses.’
    • ‘Her agrostology course at CSU was widely acclaimed and she was friends with Agnes Chase, the famous illustrator for A. S. Hitchcock's Manual of the Grasses of the United States.’


Mid 19th century: from Greek agrōstis (denoting a kind of grass) + -logy.