Definition of agree to differ in US English:

agree to differ


  • Cease to argue about something because neither party will compromise or be persuaded.

    • ‘Perhaps the first step in creating a culture in which people are unafraid to speak out is to listen respectfully to each other's views, and be able to gracefully agree to differ where consensus is impossible.’
    • ‘A few left, but most agreed to differ and the congregation grew.’
    • ‘I stood my ground, and he stood his, and we agreed to differ, although he still remains a very good news source.’
    • ‘And if reconciliation is impossible, agree to differ with grace.’
    • ‘We obviously can't just agree to differ on these kinds of questions.’
    • ‘I know passions tend to run high on this kind of subject, but can we all at least try to agree to differ and respect each other's paths?’
    • ‘We agreed to differ on many things and we also dealt with the issues that we should be dealing with.’
    • ‘One issue they agree to differ on is the mock exams.’
    • ‘And we now agree to differ on some of the points which he and I earlier had a debate about.’
    • ‘In some of the best debates in parapsychology the proponents and critics have ended up simply agreeing to differ or failing to reach any agreement.’