Definition of agonize in English:



  • 1Undergo great mental anguish through worrying about something.

    ‘I didn't agonize over the problem’
    • ‘I ended up not bringing the chapter I've been agonizing over.’
    • ‘There's work, sometimes agonizing, but there is nothing like finally finishing a short story or a novel, holding it in your hands, and for awhile being completely satisfied, enchanted, and euphoric.’
    • ‘I'm starting to make healthier choices - a side salad instead of chips - without agonizing over the decision.’
    • ‘I've been agonizing over this decision for about a week.’
    • ‘Seeing your worry written out externalizes what you have been agonizing over.’
    • ‘I obsess over it, agonize over it, ruminate over it.’
    • ‘We agonize about these decisions, for ourselves when we are contemplating living wills, or for relatives and friends, only or mainly because we take our and their critical interests into account.’
    • ‘And you know, some of the notes, the decisions that he made, some of the original, agonizing - the photos tell the story.’
    • ‘Back in my day, we didn't worry about self-esteem or agonize over feelings.’
    • ‘He knows he's not supposed to dwell on what was or agonize about what might be.’
    • ‘We cut paper up into strips and squares, annoyed the guy at the copy shop, xeroxed the puzzle a few times and agonized over it for the better part of a night, finally getting the picture figured out around 8 am.’
    • ‘Well, all due respect, and if comics buffs want to spend a lot of time and energy agonizing over whether comics get enough respect or not, why deny them the pleasure.’
    • ‘This is particularly agonizing because, although I feel confident about my exterior, I'm growing less confident about the reality beneath the clothes.’
    • ‘For all he agonised and fretted, he never fell apart.’
    • ‘Whether you are worried about growing your company without losing control, agonising over funding, or designing a killer marketing campaign, our panellists can help you.’
    • ‘I'm supposed to call him when I'm back in the big city to make arrangements, which is a plus because I won't be sitting around agonizing over when or if he's going to call.’
    • ‘Just finished up a long phone conversation with Bill and Skippy, my friends from Kansas City who are agonizing over whether to make the big leap of moving here to New York.’
    • ‘Forty days is the mourning period and he was working on that last, agonizing, poignant day because he too needed the money so desperately for his remaining small family.’
    • ‘Every weekend you arrange your roster, agonizing over each critical player; who to bench, who to play, who to drop, who to pick up.’
    • ‘Well, I think he's really agonizing about this decision.’
    worry, fret, fuss, upset oneself, rack one's brains, wrestle with oneself, be worried, be anxious, feel uneasy, exercise oneself, brood, muse
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    1. 1.1with object Cause mental anguish to (someone)
      • ‘Viewers in those days were agonized by his notion of justice and fair play!’
      • ‘His brain was dazed and still surging with the terrible thoughts which had agonized him the night before.’
      • ‘The accession of the Dutch prince to the throne had agonized the Tories because it set aside both the reigning (or "abdicated") king and the Prince of Wales.’
      • ‘This is not to say that he was not agonized by risky decisions he needed to make with regard to his career as a sage.’
      • ‘So I was agonized by their fear and insecurity - the backlash.’


Late 16th century: from French agoniser or late Latin agonizare, from Greek agōnizesthai ‘contend’, from agōn ‘contest’.