Definition of agitated in US English:



  • Feeling or appearing troubled or nervous.

    ‘there's no point getting agitated’
    ‘she was red and agitated with the effort of arguing’
    • ‘They didn't even become in the slightest agitated when O'Neill's men disappeared down the tunnel for the interval without having breached the St Mirren goal.’
    • ‘Later that night, when taken to Manchester Royal Infirmary for treatment to a hand, she was not psychiatrically assessed despite her agitated condition and was allowed home.’
    • ‘Seven minutes later the waiting room is filled with shouting as more officers arrive with an agitated young man whose once-smart white shirt and khaki pants are soaked in blood.’
    • ‘Poor Charlotte: it's a difficult time for her, anxious and agitated, only five weeks to Christmas and her fudge won't set, and then there's the turkeys to think of.’
    • ‘In many other healing temples for agitated people physical restraints are used, but they are not used here.’
    upset, perturbed, flustered, ruffled, disconcerted, unnerved, disquieted, disturbed, distressed, unsettled, bothered, concerned, troubled, anxious, alarmed, worked up, worried, harassed
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