Definition of agita in US English:



  • 1Indigestion.

    ‘I ain't a healthy guy! My stomach can't take this agita’
    • ‘Until then, worrying about it will only give you agita.’
    1. 1.1 Anxiety, stress, or aggravation.
      ‘there will be times when he causes the leadership some agita’
      • ‘These are the four phrases that characterized the source of today's agita.’
      • ‘Only Morello sounds truly menacing because of the agita he gets from his rival.’
      • ‘The assignment would've given even the best Broadway producer agita: Stage Sophocles's Antigone in 72 hours, no holds barred.’
      • ‘A six-year-old change in tax law is giving the Internal Revenue Service some agita.’
      • ‘My blood pressure certainly didn't need the extra agita caused by a Schilling outing, and I am sure that dozens of parents could have done without the creative vocabulary lessons I provided for their children.’
      • ‘Still, forking over all that loot for only 17 regular-season games is enough to give any TV executive agita.’
      • ‘So much agita at the heart of so much accomplishment.’
      • ‘"This has been causing a certain amount of agita around here for the last few days," he said.’
      • ‘Why should we go through all this agita if the institution is going down?’
      • ‘And a small strategic suggestion: Try to imagine the agita suffered by a woman who thinks every female within radar range is after her boyfriend.’
      • ‘The other day she had a nightmare; you could tell by her slumbering features that she was bothered by something, and as her agita increased she frowned and scowled and shook herself awake, then SCREAMED in PURE TERROR.’
      • ‘Another Columbus Day came and went, this time with none of the agita that troubled some holiday parades in the past.’
      • ‘When Jennifer found her calling coaching urbanites on fitness and nutrition - and came up with a catchy Web domain to match last year - she had no idea she'd be facing more agita than her average client in the form of a trade mark battle with HBO.’
      • ‘So they're giving everybody agita.’


1980s: from Italian agitare ‘agitate, shake’.