Definition of aggressiveness in US English:



  • 1Hostile or violent behavior.

    ‘recent research has linked violent video games to increased aggressiveness in youths’
    • ‘The book borrows its title from a tribe of South America, which is renowned for its aggressiveness.’
    • ‘Inhalant users exhibited greater density of familial alcoholism and aggressiveness than nonusers.’
    • ‘The theory of reparation grew from clinical observations of children's distress at their own aggressiveness.’
    • ‘Aggressiveness can detract from self-development by undermining academic pursuits and creating socially alienating conditions.’
    • ‘Research has indicated that fire-setters tend to exhibit conduct problems, such as disobedience and aggressiveness.’
    • ‘There are possible genetic bases to compulsive shopping and gambling, drinking, drug use, and aggressiveness.’
    • ‘Complementary therapies are being investigated, such as training in martial arts as a means of reducing aggressiveness in youth.’
    • ‘The study found that psychological abuse was associated with the male partner's irritability, low-self esteem, and aggressiveness when drunk.’
    • ‘In the movie, no motive is given for the Martians' aggressiveness other than their impish, evil nature.’
    • ‘Family variables that contribute the most to aggressiveness and delinquency include parental criminality and poor parental supervision.’
    1. 1.1 Determination and forcefulness.
      ‘smaller, quicker players use their speed and aggressiveness to make up for lack of bulk’
      • ‘Their strengths are their aggressiveness and mobility, and we are enhancing those strengths.’
      • ‘Do you detect a new aggressiveness by journalists in covering this presidency?’
      • ‘What is needed is aggressiveness, innovation, being able to identify opportunities.’
      • ‘A lot of the excess liquidity you speak of can be traced to the aggressiveness of their monetary policy.’
      • ‘Most of the aggressiveness of this track usually shows up during the concert performances.’
      • ‘They differ mostly in the speed and aggressiveness with which government is privatized for corporate benefit.’
      • ‘We quickly found out we shared the same attitude, self-drive, and aggressiveness.’
      • ‘They have not been shy about displaying marketing aggressiveness.’
      • ‘Their ability to overcome these deficiencies was due to the aggressiveness of their unit tactics.’
      • ‘Football is so singularly gripping because it combines team work, strategy and aggressiveness.’