Definition of aggregator in English:



  • 1Computing
    A website or program that collects related items of content and displays them or links to them.

    • ‘There has been a new surge towards dissemination of published articles through Open Archives, Institutional Archives and databases produced by aggregators which provide international visibility.’
    • ‘A good example of such a service is the NewsIsFree website, a news aggregator.’
    • ‘Those behind the site claim it's the first time we've been able to compare the flight information of airline websites against flight aggregator sites and charter companies.’
    • ‘Subscribers can sign-up for Spanning's service by clicking on the RSS buttons at the company's website and run popular aggregators such as FeedDemon, NewsGator or NetNewsWire.’
    • ‘The supply chain would include the content and service providers, the content aggregators, the Internet portals and the communications carriers who will speed data and voice to and from moving vehicles.’
  • 2US A wholesale buyer or broker of a utility service, such as electricity or long-distance telephone service, who packages it and sells it to consumers.

    • ‘An aggregator works like a buying club by pooling together larger numbers of customers and then purchasing energy from a CSP on behalf of the whole group.’
    • ‘In the first model, the distribution company is just a wires provider, with aggregators, alternative sellers, or energy service providers (ESPs) providing the rest of the service.’
    • ‘I'm presenting a capitalistic model based on aggregation with a municipal utility just being one aggregator without being exclusive.’
    • ‘Aggregators may recruit members from any location in Texas with electric competition, and all aggregators must be registered with the Public Utility Commission of Texas.’
    • ‘TEA is certified as an Aggregator in the Oregon Direct Access Program by the Oregon Public Utility Commission.’