Definition of aggregative in US English:



  • See aggregate

    • ‘Fourth, the conventional focus on overall living standards is too aggregative to pay adequate attention to the importance of specific freedoms.’
    • ‘Memory does not proceed by the accumulation or collage of fragments, but according to a structuring, aggregative grammar; according to already-visited configurations.’
    • ‘The results of consolidating spending units into a monolithic solidarity must be to eliminate money as well as other financial phenomena from aggregative economic analysis.’
    • ‘He is among the most ‘museal’ of contemporary poets, and his aggregative and anthological oeuvre now comprises a dozen volumes in which the voices and stories of the high-cultural past reconvene.’
    • ‘By focussing on submitting opinions in the form of votes, referenda tend to represent the ‘general will’ in the most simplistic aggregative terms, as little more than a snapshot of majority opinion.’