Definition of aggravation in US English:



  • 1An intensification of a negative quality or aspect.

    ‘Negotiators were optimistic despite the aggravation of the standoff caused by the press release’
    • ‘In this article I shall try to present you my opinion about the recent aggravation of earthquakes across the globe.’
    • ‘The latest figures show a certain aggravation on the inflation front, according to the report.’
    • ‘These verses, which sounded as if they had been sung expressly for the dirge of my departed happiness, were only an aggravation of my feelings.’
    • ‘He pitched in an extended spring training game last week with no further aggravation.’
    • ‘These types of communities could avoid the detrimental impacts of urban sprawl, including aggravation of the region's air quality problems.’
    • ‘The Spaniards themselves, however, looked upon the sending of the Maine as a further aggravation of the long series of their just grievances against the United States.’
    • ‘The present-day military-political situation is marked by an extremely complex and conflicting character with outbreaks of new and aggravation of old seats of tension in some regions.’
    • ‘Hopefully that will lessen the aggravation to the knee.’
    • ‘However, he came through the game without any major aggravation of the injury and the clash will stand to him for the semi-final.’
    • ‘The aggravation of the problem is directly related to the violence unleashed on the natural enemies of pests.’
    • ‘Liver function tests exhibited a moderate aggravation just before death.’
    • ‘I gave the salve to one person with colitis and told him that it may cause a temporary aggravation.’
    • ‘I accept that he did suffer from some aggravation of his existing mental health problems.’
    • ‘The outcome will be economic aggravation, dashing the desperate hope for an economic recovery.’
    • ‘In general, most aggravations were short lived, averaging four days, and all had resolved by day 16.’
    • ‘They also observed an occasional initial aggravation in symptoms with homoeopathy.’
    • ‘In addition, 4 individuals had histories consistent with environmental aggravation of preexisting respiratory disease.’
    • ‘The acupuncture was still giving a good improvement for his neck but the herbs caused an aggravation.’
    • ‘The trial was postponed to today for argument in mitigation and aggravation of sentence.’
    • ‘As a result, consumer prices grow, accompanied by a drastic aggravation of service quality.’
    worsening, exacerbation, compounding
    worsen, make worse, exacerbate, inflame, compound
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  • 2The state of being aggravated.

    ‘Internet users' aggravation with the deluge of pop-up ads’
    • ‘Mr. Smith's aggravation at their dispute over Jon Bon Jovi's appearance in Young Guns II boiled over into some weird jungle flashback.’
    • ‘I'd really love to know how the appearance of your name in a Guardian Unlimited minute-by-minute match report is going to enhance your life. The appearance of my name in them causes me nothing but aggravation.’
    • ‘I think this new service offers nothing but more headaches: more of my time, more email, more aggravation.’
    • ‘So we were not entirely surprised to hear that the HP 8100 burner was still causing aggravation to Win2K users.’
    • ‘A source of aggravation could be your temporary inability to sort out intensely private feelings.’
    • ‘We are trying to do what we can with the grassroots and the business community support late in the game to try to get the word out before it's passed and because we cause our state a lot of aggravation.’
    • ‘Copy down all your internet info, since you'll lose all your prefs and settings, but it's worth avoiding the aggravation.’
    • ‘‘It's not worth the aggravation,’ he said, describing the process as too complicated.’
    • ‘Old Man Winter is like an unexpected out-of-town visitor - you never know when he's coming, how long he's going to stay or how much aggravation he'll cause.’
    • ‘Starting the day off with aggravation is not a good thing.’
    • ‘Sounds of frustration and aggravation emanated from the kitchen.’
    • ‘Save us all the aggravation you're putting us through.’
    • ‘Lots of overheads, lots of admin, lots of aggravation.’
    • ‘Getting your voice heard is a source of both pleasure and aggravation.’
    • ‘You echo the concerns and aggravation of many day and resident camp directors I have worked with over the past several years.’
    • ‘Hence the helter-skelter prose - I can't think beyond the aggravation.’
    • ‘Had I been on that bus, I would have encouraged her to save her feminist indignation, frustration, aggravation and tears for, oh, equal pay for equal work, or the right to choose.’
    • ‘There is also the aggravation to a user of deliberately having to accept cookies every time a site proffers one.’
    • ‘I'm struggling to keep those rants off this page and every time I sit down to write I think, do I really need the aggravation that comes with taking a side on an issue?’
  • 3A cause of annoyance or irritation.

    ‘the aggravations of living with a self-confessed sports junkie’
    • ‘This lesson comes hard to Calvin, who is fed up with the aggravations of running the small business that he inherited from his father and beguiled by fantasies of wealth, if not renown.’
    • ‘A chronic lack of sleep can leave you feeling sluggish, irritable, forgetful, accident-prone, and have difficulty concentrating or coping with life's daily aggravations.’
    • ‘The ads feature a woman floating in a bubble above her daily routine, being protected from the aggravations of modern life by Actimel.’
    • ‘While many CSA farms offer two sizes of shares, we decided after our first season to eliminate that aggravation.’
    • ‘I understand that retirement can be a major shock to the system if you have been used to working for your living and coping with the pressures and aggravations of the daily grind.’
    • ‘When you fire a difficult customer, you're just trading one set of aggravations for another.’
    • ‘As I did a bottle fell on the floor and smashed and there were a few aggravations that day.’
    • ‘Frustrations, misunderstandings, aggravations and the rest of it, I'll take 'em all, for despite all of it my world has become a bigger more interesting place with the advent of the w.w.w. and I have met people I count among my true friends.’
    • ‘Although these may present some small aggravations to hard-core coders, my sense is they are not the target market for the Meteor.’
    • ‘Police and lawyers are one response to such aggravations, but social groups are pushing for an entirely different approach, known as community mediation.’
    • ‘I seem to be having a frustrating spell these last few days… along with the bad news life seems to be full of small aggravations and I just don't seem to be able to get anything in order!’
    • ‘A two-hour delay, a bit of aggravation, and a hint of danger this morning for passengers aboard a Boston-bound Amtrak train.’
    • ‘I think I'm just too high strung to ever really look past the aggravations and see the genuine warmth and love that pervades our culture during this time.’
    • ‘But frustrations and aggravations ease now Mercury's stopped messing round, so you should find it easier to empathise than criticise.’
    • ‘Common aggravations include sloppiness, dividing food, visitors, personal space, music tastes and quiet time.’
    • ‘By virtue of the widespread feeling that it would be wrong to let aggravations ruin the happy Spring Festival mood, these beggars earned more money than usual?’
    • ‘We go through the same aggravations every year to get the movies made.’
    • ‘But relocating was not without its aggravations.’
    • ‘The benefits and higher performance of a new PC do not outweigh the anticipated aggravations from the new miserly customer support.’
    • ‘Given that the story of Tog Man was told at the time I was having so many contract aggravations, Anna and I have decided that Tog Man is the superhero of industrial relations.’