Definition of agelessness in US English:



  • See ageless

    • ‘Their agelessness - down to the severe eyeglasses and old-fashioned clothing - is like the youthful appearance nuns often have.’
    • ‘Almost sixty perhaps, though he had an air of agelessness about him.’
    • ‘His face was long with sharply angled features, and possessed an agelessness only the Elves could.’
    • ‘Look at any of the six movies that the Oak Street is reviving this week, and you'll find an agelessness unknown to most other films.’
    • ‘The whole home had a gothic effect to it - an agelessness, something from a time long ago.’
    • ‘He stands on waves, surrounded by the many-headed Seshanaga, who represents agelessness and is regarded as an extension of divine energy and an incarnation of Balarama, Lord Krishna's brother.’
    • ‘While the interior pays no homage to the Highland vernacular, the shifting presence of the sea and changing light imposes an agelessness on the contemporary space.’
    • ‘However, immortality and agelessness continued to be the prerogative of the gods; neither the children of mixed unions, nor mortals who were especially precious to the gods, could share them.’
    • ‘White hair flecked with silver fell about his shoulders, dark piercing eyes smiling out from a face touched by agelessness incongruous to the silvery beard at his chin.’
    • ‘He had grown with her until he hit the barrier of agelessness, after that he could only watch her as she continued slowly down the road that he could never travel.’
    • ‘Despite Ellison's claims for the agelessness and timelessness of the novel's concerns, however, Invisible Man is a novel deeply preoccupied with time and history.’
    • ‘‘One cannot,’ he writes, ‘pursue agelessness for oneself and remain faithful to the spirit and meaning of procreation.’’
    • ‘Nanotechnology is central to their vision of a future of agelessness, immortality, and rebirth.’
    • ‘The paradox of the agelessness of God and of the mystery of the birth of that which has no beginning in time works in tandem with the idea that by being born God gives ‘eternal life’ to mankind, freeing mankind from death.’
    • ‘Gradually, his body settled around the spike of his spine, and a sense of agelessness found its way into his bones and strengthened them.’
    • ‘Clisi knew that one of the others could not be with a faerie or elf without losing their immortality and agelessness.’
    • ‘The long-lived people would then have the ability to travel to the stars, but the risk would be too great for the cautious people made soft by ages of agelessness.’