Definition of age-restricted in US English:



  • Limited to people above or below a certain age.

    ‘age-restricted retirement communities’
    ‘age-restricted goods or services’
    • ‘Age-restricted holiday companies such as Saga for the over-50s and Club 18-30 had feared they would have to start catering for all ages.’
    • ‘Many African players who have made an impact in age-restricted competitions, have failed to reproduce the same form for their senior teams.’
    • ‘All three retailers said systems were in place to prevent age-restricted goods being supplied to children but they had failed on this occasion.’
    • ‘I think it should be law that anyone under 21 must carry an ID card to purchase age-restricted items.’
    • ‘The project consists of 64 age-restricted townhouses and 380 rental apartments.’
    • ‘Where these cards have been introduced, the number of complaints about illegal sales of age-restricted goods has already decreased.’
    • ‘We have won the Africa Cup four times and a number of age-restricted world championships before.’
    • ‘Trading standards officers have teamed up with police to crack down on shops selling age-restricted products to children.’
    • ‘Retailers promised to tighten up on sales of violent age-restricted computer games to minors.’
    • ‘The town owns the site, and collects lease income and property taxes from Mitchell Properties, which is converting the building into age-restricted apartments.’
    • ‘Retailers and licensees can find it difficult to assess the age of young people wishing to buy age-restricted goods.’
    • ‘All traders who sell age-restricted products are to be warned by police and trading standards officials of their legal obligations before the undercover operation starts.’
    • ‘They are explosives and they can cause injury in the wrong hands, which is why they are age-restricted.’
    • ‘The developer has proposed building 62 age-restricted housing units in 10 buildings.’
    • ‘Cutting the number of illegal sales of age-restricted products is one of the top priorities for the County Council's Trading Standards Service.’
    • ‘The downturn of the economy made it completely impossible to finance age-restricted condos.’
    • ‘The age-restricted development plan was scrapped because of the downturn in the real estate market.’
    • ‘We urge the public to continue reporting traders suspected of selling age-restricted products to underage children.’
    • ‘The developer has honored a commitment to sell age-restricted housing.’
    • ‘We take complaints about illegal sales of age-restricted goods very seriously.’