Definition of agal in US English:



  • A headband worn by Bedouin Arab men to keep the keffiyeh in place.

    • ‘It is held in place with an agal, a thick, black woven band.’
    • ‘Middle Eastern tourists, diplomats, in the Arabic ‘agal’ and ‘kufia’ can be seen everywhere in Geneva.’
    • ‘The agal is an accessory constructed of cord which is fastened around the Keffiyeh (an Arab headdress) to hold it.’
    • ‘Everyone was wearing a “ghutra” headscarf held in place by the round thick knotted “agal” cord.’
    • ‘Agals are most often black and may be made of wool, silk or synthetic cord.’


Mid 19th century: representing a Bedouin pronunciation of Arabic ‘iqāl ‘bond, hobble’.