Definition of afterworld in US English:



  • A world entered after death.

    • ‘After death, the soul joins the ancestors in the afterworld to be revered and fed by descendants within the family.’
    • ‘Whatever the eventual afterworld destination of the people involved, one imagines that they are keenly alive to their own survival.’
    • ‘Again, a ghostly figure rose from the body, and nodded its thanks before leaving to the afterworld.’
    • ‘If there was imbalance, if the heart of the deceased weighed more than the feather, he or she was denied admittance to the afterworld.’
    • ‘You must stay to see the boy to the afterworld, he does not deserve to die all alone.’
    • ‘Provide the dead with grave goods - weapons, ornaments, utensils and the like that are buried with the dead for their use in the afterworld.’
    • ‘It is possible, he said, that the cat was killed to accompany the human in the afterworld.’
    • ‘The ceremony ‘opening of the mouth’ was carried out by priests on both the mummy and the mummy case in order to prepare the deceased for the journey to the afterworld.’
    • ‘I remembered that some tribes even believed the tattoos on your body stay with you after death, helping you feel less alone in the afterworld.’
    • ‘This is the doorway to the afterworld… heaven, hell, paradise, nightmares, Elysian, Tartarus… whatever name you want to grace it with, but it is not as people view it.’
    • ‘Through special prayers and offerings, the living can improve the afterworld conditions of the deceased and their chances in the afterlife.’
    • ‘They also exclude the belief in immortality of the soul and the punishment and rewards of the afterworld.’
    • ‘They did not believe it signified an end, rather the beginning of a journey through the afterworld toward immortality.’
    • ‘In addition, most of the citizens, even though they may not call themselves Buddhists, maintain a Buddhist view of life and the afterworld.’
    • ‘For Chinese people believing in life after death these sacred animals are seen as protectors in the afterworld.’
    life after death, immortality, everlasting life
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