Definition of afterglow in US English:



  • 1Light or radiance remaining in the sky after the sun has set.

    • ‘The colored light that escapes from the open top and entrance of the chamber transforms the gallery in which it is installed, bathing its neutral walls with reflected light, rather like the afterglow of a sunset.’
    • ‘Three months after the eruption, the ash and aerosol had spread to higher latitudes causing such vivid red sunset afterglows that fire engines were called out in several places, like New York, to quench the apparent conflagration.’
    • ‘A few minutes brought us to the top of the narrow ridge, and from here the afterglow of the sunset was so glorious that a photograph was secured to serve as a reminiscence in after-years, when rheumatic limbs forbid such experiences.’
    • ‘But there are times and places when a natural landscape, without any artificial illumination, looks just as rich and moody in the afterglow of sunset.’
    • ‘The sun had just set behind the foothills of the Himalayas and in the warm haze of the afterglow, tens of thousands of Hindus were massing on the bridges and walkways of the waterfront.’
    • ‘Likewise in the evening just after sunset, there is a red afterglow in the west, birds begin to roost for the night, lovers meet to whisper sweet nothings to each other and we can imagine vampires might be stirring from their sleep.’
    • ‘In the evenings, in the afterglow of sunset, when parrots darted across the sky, her face would absorb light and slowly become luminous like the moon.’
    • ‘The clouds had been enticing me all day, in position for a really red sunset afterglow.’
    • ‘In her room, basked in the afterglow of the sunset, Ryann began to toss numerous articles of clothing into a cloth bag, eyes flickering from the window to what she was packing.’
    • ‘The entire universe is bathed in this afterglow light.’
    • ‘Returning I crossed the top of the mountain and halted awhile to admire the glorious sunset afterglow.’
    • ‘Its name 'Rhugrabh' ('red rock' in Gaelic) is suggested by these hills which are bathed deep red in the sunset's afterglow.’
    • ‘In the faint post-sunset afterglow we hurried on down the mountain and back to camp.’
    • ‘Baghdad was like a fairy city shimmering through the heat haze; the afterglow of sunset showed nothing but beauty.’
    • ‘The sunset was good but the afterglow was even better.’
    1. 1.1 Good feelings remaining after a pleasurable or successful experience.
      ‘basking in the afterglow of victory’
      • ‘‘I'm absolutely delighted that my perseverance has paid off, but I had to do it for myself,’ he said in the afterglow of victory.’
      • ‘But while the whole team are still basking in the afterglow of their win, this is only the start of David's journey.’
      • ‘The house was filled with warmth, and the afterglow of the love and joy that had been shared that day.’
      • ‘What is often forgotten, especially in the afterglow of success and the notoriety that comes with it, is the cost, both physical and emotional.’
      • ‘The country is still enjoying an Olympic afterglow.’
      • ‘For the moment, however, the leader and his colleagues can bask in the afterglow of a job extremely well done.’
      • ‘As she let the afterglow of success continue in her thoughts, Anna became suddenly aware of the television monitor several feet in front of her to the right.’
      • ‘The afterglow of a live performance does not last long, and he intends to savor every moment.’
      • ‘The conductor worked hard for a first-class result, the cohesiveness of the entire composition leaving a most satisfying afterglow.’
      • ‘The afterglow of the pleasurable activity paled in comparison with the effects of the kind action.’
      • ‘It's funny how a chance encounter, a few words of enthusiasm, and the afterglow of a successful trip can give rise to unrestrained optimism.’
      • ‘And, we are still basking in the afterglow of that great lecture.’
      • ‘All about me there was the afterglow of an other-worldly experience.’
      • ‘In the afterglow of a famous win over Rangers, the victorious manager has been trying to keep things in perspective.’
      • ‘The afterglow from the chance meeting still lingers in me.’
      • ‘Why not pause for a moment and bathe in the emotional afterglow of that statement?’
      • ‘With the successful end to the landmark case, all seven couples are now basking in its afterglow.’
      • ‘‘I almost like it better than climbing,’ he says, flushed with the afterglow of his space walk.’
      • ‘The members of the party are enjoying appropriately the afterglow of a tremendous victory.’
      • ‘At any given time most people were breathlessly anticipating the arrival of the Queen, feverishly following her tour through the country, or basking in the afterglow of it.’